A chaotic dream

Prologue For a moment, I didn't know what I had been thinking. Everything was just moving too silently, and the world around me was showing nothing too special to take notes about. Or maybe, that was just my own imagination that the connection was gradually becoming invisible? Had it lost its shape already or had … Continue reading A chaotic dream

Awww! A Little Normalcy

Wish that everything will be “normal” soon 🙂

E. Denise Billups, Writer


May 2021 went by extremely fast. I just remember turning the calendar to a beautiful May image on the kitchen wall. Now, it’s June. I have to attribute the speedy end of May to being stuck behind the laptop, writing and reading, and from time recuperating from the Covid vaccine.


Pfizer Gang and the Sadness of Vaccine Culture - The Atlantic

This time last year, we were deeply entrenched in the Pandemic – housebound, daily routines disrupted. What a difference a year makes. With the availability of Covid vaccines, we can release a collective sigh and hope for some normalcy in our lives.

My first vaccine was in April and the second in May. I thought, like many, the side-effects would be minimal, a sore arm and slight headache. I wish.

Fever | Kasetophono

The first Pfizer vaccine brought on a full-blown vertigo episode, nausea, lingering headache, and weakness for four days. I admit, I felt good three weeks between waiting for the…

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It’s truly beautiful when reading this post of yours ^_^ Thank you for bringing about such an eternal amazement in words, yay 🙂



Shining in the shade of sun is like a grain of sand.

Flinging a paint across the oyster shells yet, a string of pearl is connecting the curious soul to mind.

Halfway to the staircase to heaven yet, the pearls of dew are shining through the emitting light coming from the sky,

And, the darkness is glowing through the eternal light that is flowing yet, the floor made up of wood and the magic wall is weaving the cave beneath the roots .

The needles and pine cones are filling the void yet, embellishing the cave crafted by sandstones.

Daylight is gripping and carving the curated walls made of dreams and desires yet, the tiny creatures are singing back at light.

 In the midst of fresh air, the lake of leaves, and the serenity feels different yet, climbing upon the tree to see the panoramic view from above.

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Peshna – the cave where the fantasy and reality collide

This is truly fantastic nature 🙂 Hope that one day I can write about a beautiful place like this too ^^


The cave Peshna has the biggest entrance in the Balkans! Located 6 km from Makedonski Brod on the regional road to Samokov it is one of the most attractive natural beauties of Macedonia.

Unfortunately, not many people know about it, even the Macedonians are still discovering it, so it is a hidden gem and an unexplored tourist destination, although it was proclaimed a natural heritage of Macedonia. It was our, me and my husband’s first visit to the cave, although it’s only 1,5 hours drive from our city. We were making plans for this visit for few months but there was always something we had to postpone. And now came the moment to see this wonder of nature.

As we were approaching by driving and we saw the huge hole in the hill we were like OH MY GOD! We knew it was big but didn’t expect to be that huge. Before we went…

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Involuntary memory

It was beautiful to share about your childhood, thank you 🙂 Hope that I will write a decent post about mine soon ^^

It's a small world

Do you ever get that feeling of remembrance all of a sudden and you start picturing in your mind memories of old? Well, I’m surely not old at 18, but I do have memories of my childhood, and today, out of nowhere, they came back to me.

There is always something that provokes this involuntary memory: a familiar smell you thought forgotten, an object that shouldn’t be there, the chilly night weather in Spring, a simple breeze, a taste, a sound, even silence can be such a factor. That’s the moment when the environment seems to recreate the same, or at least similar conditions to moments you already lived that put your involuntary memory to work. This is basically what happened to me today.

For 6 years during my childhood I lived about 20 km away from my hometown, and life was silent there. It wasn’t exactly in the middle…

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Learning about duality is amazing 😀 Thank you for sharing, shishi ^_^


Duality is found everywhere in nature. We usually call it ‘yin’ and ‘yang’.
Yang is the energising, activating and motivating principle of life. Yin is the nourishing and building principle of life.

Here some examples: 

  • driving the car, playing sports, multitasking, drinking coffee, eating spicy, making deals/business is yang activities. It is also hot, bright, fast, dry, aggressive, male, daytime, sun. 
  • sleeping, mediating, getting massage, eating oatmeal is yin activities. As well as it is cool, dark, slow, soft, stable, moist, female, night, moon. 

So if we’ll look at our hormones in the body, we’ll see that stress hormones are yang and sex hormones are yin. They are also harmoniously balanced and complement each other perfectly, because they are actually aspects of the One. 

makyaj-sanati-11If you remember I’ve told you before that every human being has a life force or energy (you can call it Soul…

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Never Elaborate But Sometimes Vague: Logline and Tagline

Learning about loglines and taglines is truly interesting 😀 Thank you so much for sharing ^_^

E. Denise Billups, Writer

In the midst of preparing my third novel’s synopsis, logline, and tagline, I researched other author’s book covers and came across numerous taglines that inspired a satisfactory completion of my own. With all the subplots, twists, and characters it took many drafts before I successfully summarized an 80,000-word novel into one sentence, and it left me wondering if one-liners and catchy phrases are necessary.

Yes! Taglines and loglines are essential parts of a writer’s media kit. Especially Indie Authors who may not have the followers or media endorsement bestselling authors have to promote their books. But before you start crafting your own, understand taglines and loglines aren’t synonymous. They both serve different purposes, but the one element they have in common is they’re not elaborate descriptions of your book but succinct statements.


A logline is essentially an elevator pitch, a concise, succinct summary of your book in one or…

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