Oregairu Light novel – Volume 11 (my first trial on this series)

Well, this post will be short, as I just publish it to tell about my upcoming plan – translation. Well, you can surely say this is just for fun, but well, I hope I can put all my heart into it somehow, in the flowing emotion. At least, I have a close friend who will read along with my work, so it becomes my pleasure to do it. This is called mutual interest and passion, after all.
By the way, since the Light novel is coming to an end soon, I wish that I can do something before the true ending comes up anytime. And this “something” can be translating from now on.

And what will I do? That is the translation for “Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru” Light Novel volume 11, until the ending volume in the future. And it is not into English, but Vietnamese of course, because with regard to the English version, you can try going to Kyakka WordPress and enjoy the ongoing translation of Spyro –  a great guy who is working on this project. It is so wonderful to read his work – so “Oregairu”!!

Besides, you can see that there is something related to the volume 11 as well as the anime in episode 12, which comes from the Bluray Disc, as Spyro has mentioned. It is about Yui’s monologue. And next, will be Yukino’s soon. And I also believe that these are important, too. We need, and we “desire” to understand the story, and the characters, deeply, after all.

So I think I will divide my work of translation into 2 groups: “Main (streaming) story” and “Monologue”. Both of them start with “M” right? Yeah, I love M(ath) the most!! (okay stop this already). And by the way, not only the Monologue that we talk above, I will try to translate the “Memorandum”s from volume 10, too. As long as they are important to grasp the meaning of the story, I will give my all to work out.

Therefore, I hope that I can do my best here. Thank you for, at least, accepting my effort and permitting me to work for free. (not typical corporate sleeves, huh?) The work will start tomorrow, anytime I am free from everything else.


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