Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage (notebook)

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Well, I have decided to give my first post about Naruto – the famous manga from Japan, written and illustrated by Kishimoto Masashi. I have been reading it for nearly 9 years, and now the main story about the journey of Naruto has come to the end, with his achieving the dreaming position as Hokage – the leader of his village, the Leaf Village. You can read the manga, following the two links here:

Lately, last month in particular, Kishimoto sensei has started the brand new project, named after the next generation of Naruto and his comrades, but in an imaginative way. Everyone of his friends, and also he, have already built their own happy families. It is easy to tell that we will be able to see some exciting adventure of the future kids, just like Naruto and his pals in the past. 15 years has passed, and “Naruto” has ended beautifully. Now is the time for the even younger, and even more potential, “Boruto” within “Naruto Spinoff: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring Month”!

I have decided to make this season into a note, to write weekly due to the release of new chapters.

Hope this will be fun to do! Enjoy the manga!!

Before getting up and working, let’s do something interesting. As we all know, Naruto has finished his long journey in his own story, written by Masashi Kishimoto —ナルト – 岸本斉史, ending at chapter 700. … There are still many things to discuss about that main story, but from now on, let’s put it aside and try something new.

“New” – yes, a manga series for the New generation in Naruto’s village – The Leaf Village has just started! A new chapter numbered “700+1”, called “Uchiha Sarada”, has come out today, at least on the web. “Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage” … What a beautiful name. 🙂 Maybe I will do this review every week, whenever the new chapter comes out … It is such an honor to follow my favorite character in this way. I’m sure that it will be pretty fun to write like this – a replacement for the “daily report” that I have to make an ephemeral hiatus for. Of course I will be very happy to have someone join me, after all! (And this is a good chance to train a bit for English, that I need to focus more on relatively important vocabulary, rather than some over-used words which can be seen everywhere.) …

Well, as far as I read and understand, I’m pretty sure that the new series will give us some new experiences to look into our more professional beloved ninjas with their skills reaching nearly perfect levels – an easy-to-understand outcome as “Naruto” has come this far. Therefore everyone would know for sure that, there will be another journey, which the future kids will take part in.

On the first page, right at the first two images, we can see “Boruto” and “Sarada” at school – can be called the “primary school” for Ninja. This scene is really familiar, and with Aburame Shino standing as their formal teachers, the author has made a really good start. (I was feeling a bit funny in the fact that Shino chose to be teacher, and he is really serious when talking, haha – yeah, that is Shino for you! ^^) My first impression is that I cannot guess who is sitting next to Boruto on the third page, while our Hokage’s child is really smiling and stating “Yeah, piece of cake!” when hearing about the upcoming entrance exam. (which, Naruto, surely, used to fail it hilariously.) I can come to an understanding that, Boruto, of course, is likely to be quite stronger than his dad in his young age.

While Boruto shows his character full of excitement and playfulness, here we come, Sarada, in an opposite reaction.

“So what if you become a ninja!? What the hell does being a ninja mean!?”

Ironically, it can be clearly seen that, her questions are reasonably asked. In the current peaceful world, it is not always clear that it is essential to reach any level in the ninja world, then have some specific positions in the village, while having to go outside the village to do some missions. Sarada has her own right to give a statement, and, with the character similar to her dad’s, she must give it a serious thought. Ah yeah, I know, we are both feeling, like “Oh, what a generation!”
Next, on the fourth page, there are Sarada and Chouchou walking home together. Again, another similarity – Chouchou is so like her dad Chouji :)) But, seeing Sarada (Sasuke related) and Chouchou (Chouji related – can be stated as Shikamaru or a bit farther Naruto related …) being side by side as friends, somehow makes me feel a bit nostalgic to the past, when Sasuke was almost staying apart from his friends, including Naruto’s groups.

… Okay, leave it aside, Chouchou is of course, really keen on eating, and eating. And Sarada, here, makes a good example of a serious student, as expected of her. (If Chouchou were a boy, then “he” would likely go with Shikadai, right?)

“You’re Sarada from the Uchihas …”

Maybe this can be just a normal statement from Chouchou, but to me, somehow I feel both glad and sad. Firstly, you can see clearly that Uchihas also means “having the great potential power”, so it is natural to understand that Sarada is expectedly standing out among her friends, the girls, and the part of saying “What the hell, you looking down on me now!” is a bit “pitiful”, huh? Yeah, I know, it is not like that Sarada is showing any rudeness, but she is just displaying the easy-to-see part of her character – again, so similar to her dad! Secondly, saying “Uchihas” gives you an impression of a clan, now having only one more members – besides Uchiha Sasuke. And that is the reason for a sad emotion. But, don’t worry, this sadness is short-lived, and “when there is life, there is hope”, Uchihas will continue to make their own legends in the future! Great implication, Kishimoto sensei!

Turning back to Sarada, I’m sure all of you can notice, what she wants to imply to Chouchou is mainly the topic about her dad – her “missing” dad. Anyway, she cannot finish her own important sentence “You get time with your dad …”

Page 7, a confrontation between Naruto and Boruto. Wow, I’m impressed for the familiar drawing – what a nice scene, Kishimoto sensei! I think they are serious for a moment, but, reading the next page, it is quite funny to find out that Boruto is not training seriously, but totally messing around. In addition, we see the performance of “Kage Bunshin no Jutsu” – long time no see! Boruto has made it, which means he has passed the very beginning condition for a Ninja (at least in the past condition)! And Naruto, it’s great to watch him like this, says, “Multiple clones” – oh dear :)) It would be nearly gonna happen for real if Sai didn’t stop him, for a reason of being “petty”.

“Ninpo …. Chouju Giga” So that is the name of the jutsu that Sai has used to create his own powerful pictures – well, I haven’t remembered any name belonging to this kind of ability at all! “Maybe I’m the one that’s petty, huh?” – said Sai, after seeing her daughter performing her own studying the jutsu, in a funny way of making art :)) Nice, Sai! …

What comes has come. We finally see Naruto and Sarada noticing each other in the street. And the next page, “Still the same, huh … Stupid.” Her pitiful voice when talking to Boruto is really like that of Sasuke in the past, right? 🙂 Boruto tells Sarada to keep secret, then hide; Naruto comes to Sarada’s plot, and asks for Boruto. He looks really confused, haha ^^ (Naruto is called “The Seventh”, and it is really … nicely strange 🙂 )
Sarada is really accompanying Boruto’s action 🙂 She tells the Seventh to go another way to look for Boruto, and it is natural for Naruto to trust the serious Sarada, however should be not in this case :)) By the way, Sarada seems indifferent to this. When she was trying to tell Boruto something, Shikamaru comes. (Yay!) Playing hide-and-seek is not allowed! Haha ^^ Shikamaru, no, Mr.Mediator – is super serious about this! And we can see the famous jutsu, “Shadow-binding”. (Recently I forgot the name of this jutsu in its Romaji). So, Boruto can’t move, needless to say. …

The thing is, here we can see Shikamaru state that “You’re doing everything Naruto once did when he was younger.” And it is even more funny to hear “This is such a pain” from Shikadai – so likely happening in Shikamaru’s family, too!! :)) Sarada, keeping silent when seeing that scene, just sadly thinks “My dad and I …” Poor this little girl, she was still so young, again … just like … “him”.

“I never got to meet him at all … He left when I was still a baby.” – I have to say that this is a new information, totally. I cannot guess it before. “Did he have glasses?” – asked Sarada, when talking to Sakura – her mom. Their talk, I will not list all of it here, because it is so natural, showing her mom’s power of Taijutsu after a long time no see, and showing Sarada’s honest concern, though a bit rude.

“Well, your dad never was in the village much when he was younger …” And of course, now, as well … Here, poor, our Sasuke.

Page 18, Sarada is crying – for the first time, I guess. This is an emotional scene, and we should keep respect for her feeling.
Then, the house breaks due to Sakura’s strength – a bit funny in this scene when she “passes away” when thinking about the loan … Furthermore, as you can notice easily, Sakura has appeared more and more beautiful compared to her young age. Great work, Kishimoto sensei! (Looking forward to seeing Hinata soon!)

The breaking of the house leads to Sarada finding out more about the hidden picture of her dad, Sasuke. Next to him, is “a girl in glasses” – Karin.

“Who is she?”

P/s 1: Sasuke, returns!

Okay, see you guys next time!


… Okay, the next time has arrived now ! 😀 I have to react fb to make an update for this note, since chapter 2 has just come out yesterday 🙂

Chapter “700+2” : “The boy with the Sharingan” – At first sight into this name, which I found strange, I immediately come to a conclusion that, “Uchiha” is not that simple compared to what I have believed in the fact that, there are only two members remain now. As you can see, on the first page of chapter 2, Sasuke has realised something “strange” due to the power of his right eye – normal Sharingan, now reaching a higher level than ever before. Still rather composure as usual, he keeps going ahead, and then … “sighs” …

An attack! A sudden attack to him, by a guy wearing a long black coat, from the above. It happens really fast, and at the beginning I cannot see anything clear enough to catch up the actions. Well, now I have noticed something more. What you can see here is that Sasuke grabs the chain from the opponent’s considerable weapon. Why am I saying “considerable” here? Because, simply, I have mistaken it from Sasuke’s weaponry. The counterattack of Sasuke is really fast, “playing the weapon with a tree” – which reminds you of the scene during the first mission of team 7.

Right on page 3, he hits the opponent on the back by a simply but fast kick from the left knee, with his right hand already grabbing the sword and having it tie with that weapon. So you can see that Sasuke is still fond of using sword like the past, and now it must be another special skill since he has lost his left arm. Speaking of the “not-any-lower” attack of Sasuke onto the mystery man, that guy must be really shocked to encounter such a fast counter method like that. Well, it is Sasuke after all. And then, our Sasuke shows a similar sign of creating a Jutsu – Chidori, but from the right hand. As you can remember, he used to use his left hand barely for Chidori and Raikiri when fighting, and even reached a skill that didn’t need any preparation step. But things are a bit different now, and we can tell that Sasuke was mainly “left-handed” on any battle, so in order to make a new method when fighting with the right hand, he must have come up with the appropriate skill. It is really exciting to notice that, since our hero can be come more and more amazing.

Well, return to the battle occurring in these few pages, yeah – Chidori appears right after Sasuke activated the seal, and the electricity follows through the weapon then hits right on the opponent completely. In short, you can simply tell by just looking that, it is Sasuke’s victory. On the next page, the black coat is totally taken damaged and taken out from the opposer. And that is what leads to the happening next. “A sign of Uchiha clan” … Yes, that man wears a shirt that has the symbol of Uchiha right on the back, similar to what Sasuke wore in the past. To his surprising notice, a totally strange face shows up …

Page 5 – “Who are you?” Sasuke is completely at loss of words, and the kid – the opponent – disappears with the leaves and wind, by a simple jutsu. Sasuke stands there stiffly, unable to understand a thing. The face of him is resembled by the picture right on the next picture, which his daughter is looking at carefully. The next page is the scene of Sarada sitting on the sofa while mindfully thinking about something confusing from the picture of Sasuke’s team in the past, including the face of Karin, as we all know. The conversation with Shizune-san (she is still pretty beautiful, right?) leads to a harsh feeling for Sarada. She cannot understand why no one in the Konoha village knows about her birth … Why? This is totally a new information for me, again. Oh dear, Kishimoto-san is so meaningful, isn’t he?

“Who was there? Who helped with the birth?” – Shizune just simply shows a sad face, without telling any comprehensible explanation.
“What started all this!?” – yeah, the picture, and the same glasses as Karin’s … The chapter turns to a different scene, showing a funny breakfast of Chouji’s family, with Chouchou presenting her annoying feeling about her father’s size of “burger”, and her size (body) :)) Oh my, this family is supposed to be even more hilarious in the future, huh? With a dad so carefree about eating, with a mom so thoughtful about even some superficial thing, and with a child taking genetics from both of the two characters, haha ^^ Kishimoto-sensei really knows how to ease the atmosphere here.

Page 9, Sarada comes to their spots, greeting them suddenly. Well, so from here, something that we can come up to is that Sarada is of course having Chouchou as one of the best friends to hang out with. Yep, I like this girly side, yep yep. 🙂 And I know when these two meet each other, something funny is gonna happen. And yeah, they happen! Oh great, you can say “I … feel like they’re not my real parents…!” so easily like that ?? Haha, oh my god Chouchou :)) Then we have, “I mean, I totally don’t look like them at all …” Haha, what the heck, so funny :)) You don’t look like them, but only the combination of both of them ^^

Sarada has to wear a forced smile to show sympathy (false :)) And then, a guy appears … Oh dear, I still have no clear information about this guy, do you guys think that he is the descendant of the bad guy showing up as the main villain in “The Last” ? “Mitsuki” … – a strange name, from a guy from another village. He must be a thoughtful person, huh? Showing right in front of the place of the girls, then have a long “comments” about “girly girl” just like an old man … Yeah, oh man … Again, a sentence from the speaking Chouchou leads to a hard feeling in Sarada. Chouchou shows some unpleasant feeling towards the look of Mitsuki, and he then replies that he doesn’t need to look at the symbol to tell that she belongs to the Akimichi family. (Wait, so he listens to the whole conversation of the girls? Man, this guy is scary …) Why does he mention the family crest, here? … Because it is most likely that, he has looked at Sarada’s back before, so he can be sure that she is “Uchiha-san” …  However, that “thing” is really the thing that makes Sarada confused, unable to tell who she really is …

“What about me? Am I really …” – saddened Sarada.

… Yeah, we finally reach this page, page 12. We can see a view of the place, maybe the host of that Uchiha guy before. It seems that someone is putting orders on him, telling him to go and test Sasuke’s ability. Maybe a little early, but you can surely conclude that this two guys cannot be anyone we have known before, or we think that could be related in the past. Because, Sasuke, is supposed to have the power that anyone close to him, must acknowledge very well. Maybe due to his travel around the world that hides his identity the whole time, so anyone may want to find out about his strength, and that “one” can be any of his relatives, but I don’t think that there exists such thing which we haven’t noticed in the main story.

“He … strong … Very strong …”

I somehow have a feeling that the reply of the white Uchiha is unnatural, that makes me some kind of thinking that, is he really a normal human? To be more precise, he speaks just like a machine … yeah, a killing machine.

“But he killed … Itachi … Unforgivable … Kill him …”

Akatsuki? Even knowing Itachi, and then, calling Sasuke the disgrace of the “PROUD” Uchiha family? That “boss guy” must have something completely mystery now. His remark is totally cryptic, showing a sense of danger coming from anywhere that he could be. But, why Akatsuki? No, maybe we forgot about the Akatsuki, didn’t we? Have they already been extinct? Sadly, that information hasn’t been examined yet. And, is there any possibility that, there is another “boss”? The Sharingan of that “white” guy, seems unnatural, too. Is he some kind of “birth production”?

So we turn back to the conversation of Chouchou and Sarada, page 13 (what a nice number – love it). Chouchou suggests going on a journey to find her real parents (oh dear, so this girl is serious huh? Seriously “scary” … and “hila..” okay enough). This suggestion seems to make Sarada realise something – yep, “That’s it”. It is nothing but this.

“I’ll find my dad and make him tell me everything! And if that doesn’t work, I will find and ask the girl with the glasses! …”

Page 15, Naruto! Finally, we have Naruto here, doing his job as a Hokage. Oh man, Hokage, huh – seems so so busy! (Ah, the graduation headband! It is really reminding something, right?) Shikamaru is the Mediator, of course, and with Shizune-san accompanying, nothing is better in this Hokage’s support.

“Sasuke’s falcon …” So it has come, as he has come, huh? Naruto has mentioned something about “his missions”, so Sasuke is not just simply going out to research and explore things huh? The Super S – mission, I guess! The evidence for the places where he cannot charge his phones (oh yeah, the Ninja world is reaching another stage of development!) is that the “old-fashioned” way of sending letters by his falcon.

“What the …” – said Naruto. So he knows about that strange accident, huh? Any issues related to the Uchiha right now, are likely to be ominous, such as this one, so even he must show actions immediately … Naruto calls Kakashi, who is at the Onsen … (Oh onsen, huh – and this is the way of him spending his own break – haha)
“Descendant of the Uchiha, or another one of Orochimaru’s experiment …”

So troublesome, right? And Orochimaru, we haven’t heard anything from him since that worldly accident, so is he “alive well” (of course he is still living) ? Yamato, too! What is his condition right now, after being used in that huge war?

“Let’s meet up with Sasuke.” So another incident happens, when Sarada comes to the Hokage room, and hears that sentence from the Seventh. Naruto has decided to go, meet Sasuke, and then go to Orochimaru’s place himself. Things are getting quite complicated, but straight, huh? He will leave a clone in case, too – what a reliable method. And you can say that, he must be the first one who is able to use Shadow Clone at this rate, in the history of Hokage.

So the Graduation Exam is coming, and also, a fight is coming to! Naruto, and Sasuke, encounter a mystery?
(Sarada is so serious about going after the Seventh, and then Chouchou shows up, telling her that she was even more pumped up than her about this problem! Finding parents together, huh? Oh dear, so funny timing, Chouchou :)))

P/s 2: It’s getting cloudy, there!! Sarada – her glasses, with Chouchou, following the Seventh, and Sasuke ?!!


… Same here, same day, same time, continue on to chapter “700+3” : “A chance meeting” …

We are probably thinking about some meeting in a coincidence, right? There is supposed to be like that. Let’s see.

“Say sorry to Bolt for me.” – said Naruto, to Shikamaru. He has to leave soon, really hurry, due to a bad feeling about the problem. The Seventh departs, finally. And Sarada, goes, immediately, with Chouchou!! Sorry, Chouchou? Well, yeah, of course she cannot understand what Sarada is thinking and planning, so she fell right after Sarada forces her to go after the Hokage. Sarada must be really hurried, too, and she must feel really worked up now, but Chouchou is not so comprehensible about all that thing, “What are you even mad about?” What a funny scene.
Then Sarada notices something. Yeah, right at the gate, Boruto, and Mitsuki appears. (I personally think that Mitsuki must have some special kind of relationship with Boruto, so they can make up close friends, huh?) “Lunch” – oh, so that is what Naruto meant by “Say sorry”. Talking about catch up to Naruto while being on his way, Sarada knows and runs to their place, telling them that she can catch up to Naruto and give him the lunch on behalf of Bolt. Their conversation goes on its own, naturally – Boruto and Sarada, Mitsuki and Chouchou (another spot).

“I’m telling you, I’ll do it for you.” (there is a serious point here in Sarada’s voice, as if this must be obvious to send Naruto the lunch)

“Come here for a sec … Your symptoms are getting worse … _ What, a love confession?” (oh my, Chouchou, being obviously imaginative all the time :))

The eyes of both Boruto and Sarada, I cannot tell anything proper from those, just leaving them there, and move to a next page. On page 6, the conversation between those two continues, and hits on the important point, made by Sarada as a proper reason for her to go, “A bento isn’t just for eating, isn’t it?” (what I really mean here, is the previous sentence from her, but it seems to make Bolt hard to understand …) Hinata … what are you thinking, right now? And Boruto, have you understood any meaning behind Sarada’s action?

“Alright … Here.” – Bolt gave up …

“I’ll make sure he gets it. …. Let’s go, Chocho!” Without a farewell, but simply watching the back of Sarada, somehow makes it … enough. Sarada smiles, and Boruto just can stand still, is that enough? Is he any kind of “worried”, or “confused”?

Meanwhile, a tiny monster, with the Uchiha eyes, Sharingan on it – what the heck is that?, appears. An experiment, or a real creature? No matter what, it is doing its job as a spy, to watch Sarada. And the two guys show up again, with a plan that Shin – the Sharingan kid, will have to bring Sarada to their place. They seem to know Sarada before, huh? Man, things sure are rather tough …

The two girls are running, very fast, to make the point that Naruto must eat the bento, and maybe (of course) there is more than only that. Naruto knows from the beginning that those two were hiding behind the door just a moment ago, then following him up until now, but he lets them be, and thinking that it is not a problem. But to come this far, things are starting to be weird. So he decides to head back and meet them – this will be faster. And also here, as you all know, the Sennin mode that proves everything!

“Rustle …” Uchiha Shin, appears.

“Come with me … Come …” Just like a piece of machine, what is he doing? Or is it just that, he is supposed to tell them that?

“Father told me to take you to him. You … must …” – He cannot be a human! I’m pretty sure about that, and the fact that the “Father” has a “seemingly fake” Sharingan, which is medically put on his face, makes me believe in this supposition even more. Maybe an experiment from Akatsuki … Anyway, let’s continue to watch.
Of course Sarada refuses, and … the fight begins. Shin is using the same kind of weapon again, from a secret “signing book”. Too dangerous for that age, I guess. However, Sarada takes him on, and faces that thing.
Page 15, quite a nice move, Sarada! Make me think about Sasuke in the past, too! She threw 3 small shurikens to Shin, forcing him to use the iron rope to doge, and then with a jump, she steps on the iron line, making it pressed down that Shin can no longer freely swing it. With a tactic, somehow Chocho gets after Shin, and uses “Partial Multi-size Technique” to nap him, in order to finish him off with a massive hand! But … The hand hits the ground, making an explosive sound, with the earth breaking up. Shin is faster, of course, and he escapes from that attack. Jumping very high with using the weapon, skillfully breaking the stance of Sarada and Chocho, he is gonna kill Chouchou with a straight move from the high.

“You  … unnecessary …” – coldly stated Shin.

At the instance that she is gonna be stabbed … So close …
Can you guess what happens? Is it obvious?


Page 18, the last page, Naruto shows up. Fast, so fast. Both saving the girls, and having his own statement about the fighting among kids outside the village, he is super awesome!

“I do think, however, that the kids of my village are all good children, though.” – Such a way of lecturing from an adult ninja – the Seventh Hokage.

“Sharingan … Oh.. So it’s you.”

P/s 3: Shin is surprised. What an encounter! What will he do?

Enter Uzumaki Naruto!! Prepare for next week, you guys!


… vs Shin Uchiha!!! Chapter 700+4: “A chance meeting (part 2)” has been released since last week. And before the next chapter is released tomorrow, I am going to continue my review for the series now.

Page 1, as you can see, Naruto has decided to “speed things up here” … to ask for some information from Shin. It will be really serious as he says that. Now, Shin needs to be prepared … But, … what “has to happen” happens.

“Even has the Mangekyo Sharingan …”

Surprising!! Even reach the Mangekyou at this young age!!? How can Shin be this strong? No, just how strong can he be? An attack is released from the Shuriken – Shin’s main weapon, directly to Naruto’s spot. You can see that, Naruto has an aura around his body already. Things are not easy, anymore, as clearly shown.

“Naruto, are you going to fight again after all this time?”

Great introduction, Kurama!! Yeah, “just a little”. Really cool, Naruto – the Seventh! The eight “hands” extend to all direction, then grab all of the piece released and thrown from the Shuriken. Then he uses the last hand to attack Shin, then immediately …

“… That was a nice return. You’re pretty good.” – Shin has jumped so quickly to the high spot, to avoid the sudden attack. What a skill … Let’s remind that he is still a “kid”?! By the way, let’s have a look at the orbit of the “hand attack” from Naruto: Maybe he just tried to catch Shin, or surround the movement of Shin, huh?

“Fall back for now Shin. You can’t take him by yourself.”

Jikukan Ninjutsu – so this is the Space-time technique! (a skill like Obito’s eyes?) As a result, Shin escaped with the little monster (of his boss) so “easily”. You can just say that, it cannot be helped when they decide to withdraw like that. … Oh, here now.

When the problem has been settled, funny things come out again :)) Just how can you “dare to say” the Seventh is your “real father”, huh Chouchou? Chouji would die in sadness if he heard that so straight sentence :)) …
So Naruto knew from the beginning that Shin was after Sarada. It is clear to tell that, because of “Sharingan-detected”.

“There is nothing for you to worry about … I’ll protect you and get this all settled.” – said Naruto, while patting Sarada’s head and smiling 🙂 Yes, this is what we all expect, right? Naruto is the best, the kindest, haha ^^ As expected from our beloved main character! Then, Naruto decides to take them all with him, to go to the tower on top of the ridge, and he wants Sarada to meet her dad, too 🙂 You can say, Sasuke-detected! She must be really amazed to hear that ^^

“This trip is supposed to be about meeting my dad …” – said Chouchou right after that. Haha :)) It is quite hard for Naruto to understand the problem here :)) What is really happening with Chouji?
“I can’t …” – Sarada, when asked to describe her father for Chouchou, says that she doesn’t remember any about her dad … It is sad to hear that, since Sasuke is “really” always on his own travelling road far from home, huh? Yeah, so Naruto will explain … … Just how can he explain his best-a-friend? Let’s wait and see :))

Page 10, the lunch box is taken out, and as you all know, we have a memory in the past running back here 🙂 Okay, the lunch is done, let’s talk about Sasuke! No, let Naruto talk about Sasuke! Is this some kind of awkwardness?

“super popular with the academy girls”, “pretty good looking”, or “the best ninjutsu grades on top of the academy” … “Just like me!” How can you say some weird things to be so funny like that, Naruto? Oh dear, our “lord” :)) “But he had no social skills and the worst mouth ever … totally unlike me!!” Oh, so you manages to make you win Sasuke in this talk, huh Naruto? :)) Just see the changing face of Sarada, so adorable :))

“He was my rival! That’s never changed!” – stated Naruto, firmly.

Yes, that is what it has to be. Sarada reminds Naruto of Sasuke when they were kids, especially around the eyes, and with the Sharingan – she could be more alike her dad. She also makes Naruto realise some similarity from Sakura, and of course it would be the way Sarada usually acts, especially when she is angry, how can this be similar to her mom? 🙂 That is only Naruto’s feeling, but everything like this for now, must be the truth. At the end of page 13, the picture in which Sarada shows her bright smile, it is really good to see that face! Great work, Kishimoto-sensei! This is simply the best! And Chocho, you are really not any different from your dad and your mom’s combination, just as stated before, haha ^^
Sarada has a raising feeling that, to be with Naruto like that is making her feel safe. That is good to know that, and that is so clear to believe in that. Naruto, you are even a Hokage now 🙂

So they keep on going ahead, to the place where Sasuke is currently staying and waiting. The tower on top of the ridge … is right there, closer and closer …

“I’ve gotta go to the bathroom …” – said Sarada. It is an excuse. Of course we all notice this, after reaching this close to the tower, and then Naruto has to stop for Chocho to have some time to rest. Sarada must feel this sensation, stronger in her heart. “Just a little farther”, and then she can finally meet her dad – her missing dad inside her mind. Sharingan, activated. (so, Sarada has reached this stage, too – Sasuke back then was also very young, right?)

Next page, page 17, here is our Sasuke. He is sitting behind Sarada, watching her back. The Uchiha symbol must be the thing he is looking at. Then he appears right behind her daughter, making Sarada to turn back in surprise, for that sudden instance. Sudden, or natural? She must expect this from before, and now this “chance meeting” has finally come. So alike, they are so alike each other. The dad, and the daughter. What will happen next? We all wish for a warm greeting, but at the same time, we know it will … be hard for things to turn out in such a way like that…

“Papa” … – crying Sarada, burning with her emotion, held for so long to meet her dad.

“So you managed to find this place … Are you one of that creep’s friends …. ?!” – said Sasuke, without hesitance.


P/s 4: “The meeting … has become a nightmare…!!”

How can Sarada face this situation? From her … “beloved dad”?


Hey there, I have come back for the review. Just as I said, tomorrow or the next after, but well, since things are getting more and more awesome, the passion needs to be followed.

Chapter 700+5: “The Future” has been released early today. I was really excited to see the link that appeared in my Gmail inbox list. I immediately opened it and then clicked the link. “Chapter 5, huh?” – I thought and wondered how things will turn out when Sasuke has to explain everything for Sarada, or …?

Page 1, here we are, “Father-Daughter reunion!” However, all we can see in this page is merely fast and sudden occurence. Sarada is crying when feeling really scared when Sasuke stabs the sword right in the column next to her. He seems to attack immediately so she must feel being endangered. At the instance when Sasuke is about to grab her …


Silence. He stops and she doesn’t feel anything coming anymore.

“You’re …. Sarada … Is that you?” – asked Sasuke, feeling both surprised and confused.

“Yes ….” – replied Sarada, not moving an inch. Then Sasuke returns his hand, stating “I see ….” as if he has to admit his mistake. By the way, that sounds a bit weird here. Didn’t he hear the “Papa” that Sarada already said just before a few seconds? And moreover, if he can believe her easily like that, it can be said that he must feel something not worrying from her. Can it be like this, or like that? Oh my, Sasuke, you’re really such a dad …

“Yeah … I knew right way …. that you were my papa …” – said Sarada, to Sasuke.

The atmosphere seems to be hard to begin a conversation. Sasuke also feels something unpleasant about the unexpected appearance of his daughter. Sarada, well I have to say that, she cannot feel any excitement like just before anymore. And then, Naruto and Chouchou arrive at the tower. Sasuke quickly asks him why things turn like that with the kids also being there, but the person who answers is Sarada. She tells Sasuke that she has heard the situation, and then has followed the Seventh to come all the way to meet him, only to check something that she wishes to hear from him directly. (not to mention why Chouchou thinks that the super-handsome Sasuke is her real dad anyway)

“What is it?” – asked Sasuke.
“Umm … My mom … Is she really my mom?” – asked Sarada, without hesitance anymore.

I just cannot believe that she will state something troublesome so straight like that, but well, just as expected from Sasuke’s offspring. On the page 5 too, we see that Sakura and Shizune finally have a conversation about Sarada and the picture of Sasuke. Feeling sad, Sakura … So she is planning to go, isn’t she?

“Did something happen?” – asked Sasuke, after feeling hard to understand. But, you know, “something” like that coming from your daughter, is not something easy to just ask and then answer plainly. Sarada must feel angry when asked by Sasuke, “you ask!?”
“You haven’t been there for us at all!! Why won’t you be with her!!? Do you really find it okay to forget the face of your own child?!!” – Sarada is burning with her emotion that she has kept for so long, and now she just wants to show them all to her dad, in the desire of searching for a proper answer – an answer that will explain everything from the beginning. Finally, what needs to come has come. The picture is brought out by Sarada, and is shown in front of Sasuke and everyone, with a series full of complex questions “And who is this lady next to you with the glasses!? Do you think my mom would tell me about this?!!” (hey, look at the face of Naruto – right there, see? yeah, that’s it.)

“Mom won’t talk to me about it, and you were never around!!” I don’t even know if I can believe you two anymore!!” … To expect that Sarada would say directly like that, is really both expected and unwanted at the same time. Here we can only see Sasuke staying stiff when listening to his daughter complaining …
“Problems!!? We’ve got a lot of them!!!” – shouted Sarada.

Still on page 7, and it is not easy to get out of this page without any thoughtful consideration. However, all we can do is feeling sympathetic to the life that Sarada has been living throughout all the time until now, under the pressure that doesn’t allow her to know anything even about her birth, and her missing dad with just some vague information about his travel. Year by year, day by day, Sarada has grown up to a young ninja like this, and still confused whenever thinking about her family. Just how can things change from now on, especially when she finally has a chance to meet her dad!?

“What … What actually have you been doing and where were you all this time!!?” – asked Sarada, finally. This obvious question has come. How will our hero answer? No, it must be whether he would let her daughter believe in him? The result is, “as expected of our Sasuke”, again.

“This has nothing to do with you …” – plainly answered Sasuke.

Yes, she cannot take it anymore, she runs outside the door, while crying in sadness … Sorrow, it is always around the Uchiha, if I don’t mistake … And now, Sarada, even in this supposed-to-be-in-peace Ninja world, still has to suffer like this. How unfair it can be to the Uchiha’s clan? And then, page 8 appears. Right when we are feeling something unexpected too, we are given “a bonus explanation” from Kishimoto-sensei! The scene then traces back to the time when Naruto and Sasuke were a bit younger, maybe around the time of making their own families. Sasuke found out something strange in his way of researching about the army of White Zetsu mentioned by the time they sealed Kaguya together. The fact is that the army had been formed even earlier than what was thought to be.
“This is only a hypothesis … but … I have proofs in that direction … and that means … It’s possible that something far scarier than Kaguya has appeared in this area …”

… I know, it is surprising right? Our Sasuke is the one who has found that, after all. Okay, let’s continue to see. As you can see from just before, they were having a conference where all Kages were sitting together in Hokage’s room (I suppose?) and Sasuke, Sakura were also there too. I cannot tell exactly whether Sarada was born already, and if yes, how long she has been born, but I want to leave this untold for now. Remember that Sasuke was far from home even since Sarada was very small, and maybe he used to come home sometimes …

“Let’s keep the secret among the five of us for the time being …”
“That’s a good idea.”

So the Kages all agreed to set this secret kept by only the people present in that room. Naruto must have understood the situation, and he was about to ask Sasuke for him to come with … But … “You stay in the village and protect it, Hokage …” – said Sasuke immediately, while explaining that he was the only one that had the ability to track Kaguya’s traces … due to the “strongest” Sharingan …

“You deal with the things you have to do. And I’ll do what I have to do. Isn’t this the ‘cooperation’ that you wanted?” – reminded Sasuke, to Naruto.

Yeah, absolutely, that is it. “We will help each other while being at each one’s back.” – that is what is supposed to believe in these two. And the final explanation has finally shown up, which will answer the question of Sarada, but in secret, of course. “Please, keep my movements a secret from everyone except those here. Make this a top-secret mission, if you will. A bright future is always better …  don’t you think?”

… Yes.

… Naruto is the one between Sasuke and Sarada right now, and he is the only one who can settle something better here. He comes to Sarada’s spot, and tries to encourage her, to assuage her hard feeling now. The belief from Sarada, now, is the only thing important for both Naruto and her, so that he can be sure that everything will be okay in the end.

“Your father … is an admirable ninja, there’s no mistaking that.” – continued Naruto. The problem is just that, Naruto cannot tell her the truth, not to mention Sasuke, who is on his own duty. “Mama …” – thought Sarada. Sakura is running to her, for real. And somehow, I have some feeling that, I am about to see Sarada’s capability, soon – maybe far earlier than Boruto.

Page 13, the enemy shows up themselves in their own territory. “We need to start now … for our cause …” That arm … The arm with full of Sharingan eyes on it, used to belong to Danzou … Is there any possibility that …? How can it appear here?

“The resurrection of the Akatsuki.”

So, along with this plan, there are more than just one Shin, huh? Or are those his Shadow clones? Besides, one of the Sharingan on that man’s arm, has the power similar to Obito’s. But how? After Obito’s death, something happened? Or did I miss something important?

Page 14 to 15, as you can see, the boss with the real Shin teleport to the place where Sarada is, and then attack immediately. Turn to page 16, Mangekyo Sharingan is also activated, and it is similar to Shin’s. What kind of them? And they even decide to attack directly Naruto, and maybe aiming for Sarada, too? How dare …?

So, our main hero notices this and finally takes an action. That is what we expect to see right now. No, maybe more than expected: Page 17, Naruto dodges all the attack by using the power of Wind. But then the enemy boss uses the Sharingan to change the direction and the shape of the weapons, to release another blow.

So the Seventh eventually has to use Kurama power to cover and make a shelter to protect Sarada, too.

At that instance, Sasuke appears, and faces directly that fucking bastard!

P/s 5: The clashing eyes!!


Here comes the new chapter this week: Chapter 700+6: “An Unevolved” …
Although it is only a week, but I imagine it is much more than that. (The final exams are coming so close, oh dear …)

Okay, get back to the work. As you can see, on page 1, the fight between Sasuke and that boss begins. That is really a “Uchiha vs Uchiha”!! The guy attacks with 4 pieces of strange weapon like shuriken, right into Sasuke. Sasuke dodges that easily, and right before that man’s hand grabs him, he releases a fast attack with the sword, straightly. However, that Uchiha catches the sword, and grabs it as if he has already prepared to take it on directly.
Blood … There is blood hitting on his face after he has grabbed Sasuke’s blade. And then, he smiles. Behind them, Naruto must notice something. The next scene shows us Shin Uchiha coming right after that boss, about to attack Sasuke head on. But … Rinnegan is activated on Sasuke’s left eye – which he has been hiding until now. And using the power of the eye, Sasuke switches the place of him with that of Shin, instantly.

“I’ll make you give it all up now!” – “Fire style: Fireball jutsu!!” – Sasuke shots directly to the opponents now beneath him.

However, something happens with the eye on top of the boss’s head, and it releases some kind of power that Naruto suddenly notices. In particular, it is very likely to control the body of Shin to take all the attack, to make a cover for the boss.
Fucking hell that action! How can he be so fucking cruel!!

So, the fire hits Shin, and makes him down completely. And that boss also falls after Shin falls onto his back, and drops to the ground. Defeated.

Or does it just … seem that?

Page 6, “I see … This is the power of your eyes … Sasuke Uchiha..!”

Sarada must be really impressed for her dad’s awesome performance. And Naruto just says, “Yeah … But he hasn’t done much yet …” Ha, right, of course, that is Sasuke after all.

“I definitely want something like that for the revival of Akatsuki …” – stated the boss.

And … “My name is Shin Uchiha.”

Just what the hell is going on? The same as the child’s name? Or, are they … just “one”?

Well, just as the cold Sasuke says, “We’ll have plenty of time to get after the truth after I take you in. Shut up for now.”

(Sarada is cute, even when she is full of surprises, she is super cute!! Cute and cold!! Yeah! – um sorry, I just over-react for a bit.)

These supposed “Father and son” – this sort of strange thing, are really confusing. And yeah, the sort of thing that Chouchou is still asking for a father “so cool” or “ladykiller” like Sasuke is really confusing, too. Dear god …

” … That guy was using his own kid as a shield back there …” – yeah, that fucking bastard.

“Naruto, take care of the kids … And also …” – said Sasuke.

“I get it … Keep yourself focused …” – answered Naruto immediately.

And he is thinking “This time I’ll push through the gap. Counting on you, Sasuke!” So Naruto has prepared a plan to attack in support for Sasuke.

It will be great victory if they can attack as usual like that. But things are not simple, that fucking Shin boss uses his right eye, Mangekyou Sharingan, right at the moment Sasuke is heading to him, to …

… control the sword … of Sasuke. Yes, page 8, the sword stabs right through Naruto’s stomach. No one knows what happened, just in that short time.

“GUH …!” – blood, blood from Naruto’s body!!

“This is the power of my eyes … What do you think? … I’m plenty a match for you, aren’t I?” – said the Shin boss.

“Don’t worry, Sarada … I’m fine …” – Naruto has noticed something before, and he realises that the boss can use the eye powers to use weapons freely … And now, even Sasuke’s is …

So Sasuke notices something too, that encounter before, that guy must have already marked his weapon for this intention.
Truly dangerous.

The aura, due to the hurt Naruto, has to be weaken. And then, the shuriken of that Shin boss is controlled by his eyes again, to pass through the chakra wall, and continue to hit, and this time, directly to Sarada.

Page 11, fast, very fast, Sasuke takes on all the weapons to hit onto his back, to protect Sarada – his daughter. Yes, although harmful, but this is what we can expect for now.

“Papa!!” – shocked Sarada. How can things turn out like this so suddenly?

“Peace means an end to evolution for humans …. That’s exactly what you all are …” – so you are calling yourself “inhuman”?

“Species without revolution are eventually destroyed.” – That Shin boss is about to release more and more shuriken to attack, after stopping Sasuke’s movement by using the powers of the eyes to control the weapons, affecting the body when hit.

Sarada is fearing, and crying … as if everything is over …
But, you can say, it is not that easy, again.

“Just what do you think you’re doing to my husband and darling daughter you bastards?” – angrily shouting Sakura, and hitting hard on the Shin boss, using the super power of the fist! Taijutsu detected!! So sudden, so surprising, and unable for dodging!!

So she finally comes, the last member of team 7! Saving her family, is so great to watch!

“Who are these jerks?” – asked Sakura.

Man, surely scary. How can a girl (woman) be this scary? Tsunade-mode, huh? (haha, okay, not joking anymore)

“We were about to find out … What are you doing here?” – asked back, Sasuke. Hey, your wife has justed saved your life, and your daughter’s life, you know?

“I’m here too ya know …” – said Naruto.

“You okay Naruto!?” – “Yeah, I’ll be fine soon.” – “Wa?! R…Really?”

Yeah, of course Sarada, this level cannot kill him, just as Kurama says, he’s really exaggerating … But, to say “Your battle skills are growing rusty … Pathetic.” is somehow … frustrating, huh?

“You don’t have to tell me.” – pulling out the sword from his stomach, Naruto is saying somehow disappointingly.

Page 15, when things seem to come back to normal, Sakura is apologizing to Sarada, for not explaining to her properly about everything, but Sasuke immediately refutes to accept that, and admit his own fault, for …

Right at that instance, the “thing” like a tiny monster with Sharingan, appears and decides to retreat when taking both two Shins and even Sakura. It uses the power of a Space-Time Ninjutsu, breaking the chakra hands of Naruto, disappearing immediately.

It sends Sakura to their places, surrounded by many other little kids Shin.

“These guys have quite the bag of tricks …” – stated Sakura.

Yeah, absolutely. Just how did they prepare all these things? And how long?

Then, the boss uses his right eye to control a weapon to hit directly to the child Shin, making him unconscious.

Page 18, back to Naruto and Sasuke’s spot, we can see Chouchou is still hiding inside the tower while thinking that she doesn’t like to mess with Sarada when she is pouting or something so emotionally like this, so … “I hate to get into these awkward situations and all …” Phew, well, at least you are very safe, Chouchou, stop being so rude like that, okay?? 🙂

That is for the kids, even Sarada cannot say anything more now, just Sasuke and Naruto, hard to find a resolution for this.

Yeah, pathetic. “Just like Kurama said.” (great to see the legendary nine-tailed fox again in a conversation about battles)

Page 19, we can see that, the opponent is trying to operate transplant surgery.
“If I take those organs that child will definitely ….” – said Sakura.

“I see … You’re a medic nin … But … this all happened because of you …”

“You were trying to kill my husband and child! And my dear friend, too …” (why seemingly slowing your voice when talking about the part of Naruto!!? – okay, maybe I’m a little emotional now.)

“Well then why do you care what happens to my brat?” – asked the boss Shin.

“You … Are you serious?” – said Sakura. She must be really confused and hard to perceive things there now. The situations are nowhere to see through. Why did they attack Naruto and Sasuke, and above all, Sarada?
She needs to know, and she needs to act quickly.

Next time, see you again soon!

P/s 5: “Dangerous people in a dangerous hideout!!!”
How will Sakura answer??!


Here comes this week’s chapter 700+7: “A genetic slave” … with the first page full of color!
But all you can see here is just the organ from the body of Shin boss, and blood, flesh …

“Don’t get me wrong, the kid here is my clone. One that has the same DNA as I do, spare parts, if you will.” – said Shin.

Yeah, although he is not Orochimaru, but he is “his student” …

The Crimson dark truth.

Page 2, full of color again, so intensive – “The start of a new era!! The younger Konoha Ninjas!!”

The story then continues, with a further explanation of Shin to Sakura.

“If I’m being accurate … Orochimaru’s old experiment. In order to perform a clone technique, you see.” – said Shin.

“These guys were made from cultivating my teeth and nerves …” – continued Shin.

So more or less, the Shin kids just exist to supply stock as well as flesh, for Shin boss to use whenever necessary. That means, more or less again, a special tool, or resource.

Meanwhile, Naruto uses his Sennin mode to search for Sakura’s chakra, but he cannot find anything due to the distance of the place, or maybe the settlement of some boundaries. Moreover, both Naruto and Sasuke all believe that this is related to Orochimaru in some ways now. According to Sasuke, the “arm full of Sharingans” cannot be mistaken from anything – it must be Orochimaru’s experiment. He remembers fighting Danzou with a similar arm, which was from Orochimaru after all.

“If we wanna find Sakura I guess we’ll have to go to Orochimaru’s hideout.” – said Naruto.

Yeah, that’s right. And Sasuke could find that easily. About the kids, Naruto suggests taking them together, for the safest.

(Man, Uchiha is still so complicated.)

Sarada cannot say anything, just closes her eyes worrying about her mother. And that ends page 4.

Page 5, Chouchou appears – yeah, and what? She is completely good-for-nothing now, when giving out the snacks, hoping to ease the heavy mood, which she finds hard to endure. So the funny is still the funny, the serious is still the serious. Anyway, her friend is about to break, if things get worse.

Then we come to the spot of Shin, while continue to “give a speech” about some abstract thing. One thing before we discuss more, why is always something not human having this kind of expression, even surpassing human?

I think I will list most of the talk out here. Since it can be addressed most easily by this way.

“There’s no need to be sad. Living things are meant to die, after all …
Genes … productive cells, so to speak. This is what we call ‘children’, make no mistake. This is how we survive for all eternity.”

“Opposite to that, non-reproductive cells die after a fixed period.” –  said Shin, which he means that human often disapprove death, cheating by reproduction and multiplying lives. Cells are used up, then thrown away, which means ‘death’. He continues with stating that using up and throwing away a vessel of flesh as it decays – death is just like that, an “unavoidable” phenomenon.

So we have to think about death, huh. The human death – nothing as fearful as that. You can say that if you are a normal person. Of course it is, right? But the confusing thing here, is that it is perceived by a non-human – or it really seems clearly that.

“Thoughts and perceptions live within them.” – refuted Sakura. She cannot admit that kind of saying, and she wants to affirm that there is more than just genes between parent and child. Needless to say, she is a medic ninja, and a mother, now.

“The creation of a child is mixing two halves of the parents’ genes together, in order to create a stronger breed, nothing more than an instinctive act.” – stated Shin.

“And only more excellent genes are selected to continue on. This is the essence of life itself.” – Is it like that? Does life mean that, huh? Yeah, the nature’s “Selection Rule” – as far as we know. This is what is called “Human evolution”.

So true, so Shin acknowledges well all that sort of thing. And he is sure that Ninjas is controlled by that rule, too. “Only the strongest ninjas are chosen.” is what he says after that. This kind of attitude must have been affected by Orochimaru’s, though.

“War is essential if people are to evolve … And that is why Akatsuki exists.” – explained Shin.

Until now, I have been asking the question about the mystery, the truth behind all the wars in “Naruto”, and which demand they truly served. I bet that you can have some kind of an answer after finishing reading the main series. Well, now things are a bit to “progress”. I mean, the resurrection of Akatsuki must have a reason, and this kind is all after it now! But how, and what desire that leads him to this conclusion? Despite Sakura saying “You have absolutely no idea what’s important about being a parent!”, of course he cannot know that, but he knows one thing instead – “The surface”.

Still on page 7, but at the last picture.

“Stop already … I don’t wanna be called a leader by the Hokage.” – said Yamato.

So he has returned, and here he is. (of course this guy is not your dad, Chouchou!! Why are you even thinking about it? :)))

Finally, they have returned to Orochimaru’s place, by some help of Yamato. “The predecessor” here that he implies must be Kakashi by the way, and he has heard the whole story. He decides to stay outside if something happens, then he can follow Orochimaru’s trail.

“This time Sasuke’s on your side. Should be easier going than the last time.” – And you know what “the last time” means, right? What a memory for Sasuke, but let’s put it aside for now.

“Fine, let’s sneak in. I know the inside of the place.” – said Sasuke, as if he is so frequent in this place.

And yeah, that is fucking right. Woohoo, Dattebayo!! (why the hell is “Tetebayo!” still after Naruto’s talking now? Hilarious, haha ^^)

Page 9, a little surprise. We have a view of Suigetsu and Juugo, now in the place. And Sarada is amazed to see them here, as they are Sasuke’s friends. When Sasuke is asking to go to Sasuke’s hideout, Naruto realises something nearby.

“Oh my, I can’t believe you came to visit me again of your own accord … Sasuke-kun.” – said Orochimaru, coming out.

And he gets super young, and … (no, I don’t want to say anymore than this, oh my fucking god …)

Yeah, because “it’s you” after all huh, Orochimaru?

And of course he and Sarada catch sight of each other, too, so, have they heard about each before?

“Which one, Sarada? – asked Chouchou. Ah yeah, nevermind it, Sarada.

(I suppose that this chapter is super long to write a review, man.)

“That Shin’s ability … He was just fascinated by Itachi, he’s not a member of the Uchiha clan.” – said Orochimaru. So yeah, not a member, it’s more than clear now. And interested in Itachi’s power? What a concern.

“But he left my side, this is only one of my former experiments … Yes, it is as you read, this child became Danzo’s right arm.” – Orochimaru continues.

Here we can get a glimpse at his own room, too. This is again, the huge water tank with a “human” in it. Yeah, an experiment, again. I hope that is natural not to catch him in jail – just kidding.

“That child is specially alright … He showed absolutely no signs of rejecting transplant tissue … He had a unique makeup.
And so I want lots more of that body … I repeated the clone technique with that child over and over. We unravelled the mysteries of genetics.”

“…Clone …?” – asked Naruto.

“Your Kagebunshin taken to another level … Everyone of them as an original. I suppose you could call it a shadow clone that never disappears.” – explained Orochimaru.

So if we finish them off, what will happen?
The answer of Orochimaru is that, they will be reborn over and over again, all on their own, although taking some time to regrow, due to the cultivating progress. The genes are the same, in addition, just like siblings.

How the fuck can it be? Oh dear … What a ninja world, and what a twisted genius … So you can say that, the problem left after Danzo’s death, is not revealed until now.

“If you want to get rid of them … there is nothing to do but kill them completely.”

“It’s not … It’s not that simple when it comes to human. Do you think it’s okay to do experiments like that?” – said Naruto.

“Human are simpler than expected, actually. People are like slaves to their genes … Individuals and how everything connects to them can be proven.” – answered Orochimaru.

And then …

“What about non-clones. What about a regular parent and child …?” – suddenly asked Sarada.

Surely, she is trying to imply something, especially when her dad is standing right there.

“Of course. Would you like to judge for yourself?” – said Orochimaru. He must think that it is a little interesting here.

“I wouldn’t, Sarada. I don’t know what it’s saying or even its gender. This person is kinda scary, honestly.” – said Chouchou, and yeah, you are kinda so right, girl!

Return to the issue, it seems that Orochimaru knows where Shin is, and we can understand that since there is no way a super scary person like Orochimaru can let an experiment get away so easily without caring anything about that. At the meantime, Sarada is thinking about something specific after the explanation, too.

When they are leading to the monitor room, where Orochimaru will give them all the details, Sarada approaches Suigetsu for something.

“What room is this woman in?”

“Ah, Karin … Different hideout. She is not here.”

“Oh, I see. In that case, can I ask you for one more favour?”

Naruto realises that Sarada is gone with Suigetsu, too. Damn, what about you, Sasuke? So focused into your mission, huh?

“What?! You .. You can’t mean … Sasuke’s that much of a scumbag!” – oh, so he has heard the story from Sarada, huh … Haizz …

And they have a laboratory, so it is easy to make some figuration now. But it seems that Karin’s room is the one that is responsible for that. (You can see a picture from the first time Sasuke and Karin meeting each other and sitting alone together, and that time Suigetsu is fucking gotten kicked out the room in some funny ways, and now he is thinking about it .. while not knowing anything or … never having a doubt until now, at all.)

“My desk is a part of me, that’s why no one is allowed to just go touching it!! Suigetsu!!”

Nevermind now, they find what they need now, both Suigetsu and Sarada.

An extraction – that can check the genes.

No one would expect an unwanted outcome at all. But a mystery without anyone knowing in the Konoha, it is a different story. And so …

“MATCH.” – the machine announces.

Fuck. I cannot believe it, at least in the first time seeing this page. Page 18, already by the way.

“Well there you have it. Your mother is none other than Karin …” – stated Suigetsu. Oh please, don’t say that … so … naturally like that, man.

Page 19, Naruto is hiding after the wall … He’s just …

“Well, even your glasses are like …” – continued Suigetsu, but hey, the fuck, man!!

Yeah, he stops. No way to endure this, for a child, Sarada, no!!

Thinking of her mother, or not anymore?, she is crying for real. Yeah, we both understand why, but cannot understand how the pain is. The tears are left unstoppable. And Suigetsu just knows to leave now. Then he sees Naruto there, and leaves everything up to him. I guess he is running to Sasuke’s spot after all. And Naruto, what will he do now? The question can be, what will he believe in now?

“You Taka members … Always getting into things you have no business with (Dattebayo! – why the fuck it is here?) you dumbass!”

Sasuke, the one at fault, here? Can it be like that? Naruto, saying “Sasuke, that stupid bastard!!”, will you trust your friend, no, your two dear friends?

Naruto then tries to say something to Sarada, telling her to go now, to … “save your mother”.

“I dunno why … But your atmosphere is just like Sakura-chan’s.” – reminding Sarada, about the last conversation with Naruto back then.

“…Iar …”

“The Seventh is a liar!” – oh dear, what a child …

“Why should I go help someone who isn’t my mother or even anything to me!!! I kept quiet for so long, I don’t know anything about anyone anymore!!!” – too many “any”, girl …

The end for this chapter.

And you know why, I am now reviewing this scene with a hope that she will be even more shocked to find out the truth behind the truth? Karin, Sakura … two girls in love with Sasuke, but you should believe in our hero, right? Sakura is one of the most important to him now, aka his wife, and what about Karin?

His savior, many times in the past. Now, you do understand what I’m trying to talk about, don’t you?

P/s 7: “The truth … It’s a cruel thing!”
But I suppose that, the silence, is the most terrifying, after all …

Okay, see you guys next time!


Chapter 700+8: “The real thing” … (quite late to review now, but however, the work has to be continued finally).

“The sadness reflected in those eyes” … Page 1, Sarada is crying while feeling full of anger …

At the same time, Naruto is slightly surprised to see that Sarada has awaken her Sharingan eventually … Sarada remembers listening to Naruto saying that she is so alike her father, especially with the eyes, so she is even more disappointed to say: “I don’t exactly to look like him at a time like this …!”

“So what do you wanna do?” – asked Naruto, normally.

“… I’m gonna continue on my journey all alone … I don’t think I will be returning to Konoha Gakure or the village …” – said Sarada, steadily.

Sarada says this has nothing to do with Naruto, as well as the Seventh, so … However, this is exactly that “thought of leaving” again … which Naruto can never accept it, even just a bit. He immediately grabs Sarada’s arm after hearing those sudden words.

“What!?” –  shouted Sarada, angrily.

” … to say it has nothing to do with me … I can’t let it go like that …” – answered Naruto, calmly.

To Naruto, he always believes the village is his family, entirely, just like the previous generations. He always says to Boruto that, and now, to Sarada too. But to Sarada, she is just a child, burning with emotion easily, and she disapproves that idea straightly, saying it is just “lip-service”, nothing more nothing less. It cannot save her now, or gain her back anything. What can she do, what can she want anymore when she is seeing the fact that her Papa is always moving around and never be home, and her Mama is always hiding the truth from her, all the time?

“We aren’t even … blood-related ….” – said Sarada, sadly.

“I don’t have a real family”, that is what she says. “You aren’t my family …”, that is what she claims.

“The truth is obvious, isn’t it?” – said Sarada, once more.

Yeah, the truth is supposed to be like that, but you are too young to know everything, truth is affected strongly by time and excuses, after all.

Sarada tries to get out of Naruto’s force, but however, his grasping becomes even stronger …

Page 8, we can see now, the original story, in the past, as well as what is currently in Naruto’s eyes when he has to deal with the problem right in front of him.

The memory about Iruka sensei, the first person who really cares about him and teaches him things after both of Naruto’s parents died … Naruto has to surpass everything by his own … even bearing the truth that he is carrying a “monster” inside him, the creature that killed so many people, including his own parents and Iruka’s parents.

“It’s not a monster fox anymore … That thing is the Hidden village of Konoha’s Uzumaki Naruto …”

“Congratulations … on graduating …” – said Iruka, happily to Naruto 🙂

Always, there is a feeling that will save your soul. And at the same time, there will be feeling that harm yours.

“From the beginning you’ve always been a total loner! What do you think you know about me!!! Huh!!?” – shouted Sasuke, angrily.

“Yeah, I may not know anything about real parents or real siblings … But when I’m with Iruka sensei I can imagine what it’s like … It’s kinda like I’ve got a daddy … I guess it’s sorta like that …

When I’m with you, I think it’s kinda I’ve got a brother … For me, it’s finally having connections …” – said Naruto, nostalgically.

Reminding himself of all the past, he continues to tell Sarada.

“For you, for your connection to your mother and father … Isn’t it a lot like that?”

To him, after all the time spending his whole life, passing through so many obstacles, he believes that connections are not determined by just time and blood, since “There are stronger things than those!” …

“Fine! What is it you want to say then!?” – said Sarada, a bit reluctantly.

“Thoughts/Feelings … That’s all you need.” – Naruto answers softly.

He tells Sarada to try and confirm that, to define again all the feelings she has had until now. What is the hidden behind all of that, and what is the genuine thing there?

We can see a flash in her mind, to think about her past, her conversation with his mother one day.

That is a conversation about his father, in which Sarada asked about the whereabouts of Sasuke.

“He’s off on an important mission. Once that’s finished, he’ll be back.” – said her mom, Sakura.

I don’t understand clearly why there is a time why Sarada was sick, here, but maybe this is a way to demonstrate that Sasuke wasn’t around even that time like that, making Sarada to feel confused why he is not caring to her.

“Why doesn’t he come back to us?”

“Sarada, you and I are very important to Papa. That’s exactly why he can’t come home. You might not understand it right now but … you’ll finally understand it some day …” – said Sakura.

Then Sakura hugged Sarada so tightly that she had to tell her mom to release her (oh dear, she is so cute).

“Did you ever kiss dad?” – asked Sarada, so childlikely 🙂

Sakura was surprised to hear that, but well she had to give it a thought to answer, while smiling. At this scene, she is even much more beautiful than ever.

“Heh heh heh …” – Sarada was laughing slightly … That made Sarada want to ask her for more 😀

“It’s just I remembered something better than that …” – “Mama’s dirty…” – immediately! Yeah that’s right, how can you be so serious about that “dirty” huh, Sakura, Sarada caught you :))) Oh my, so funny ^^ And of course, it’s not like that, after all, for sure :))

“Hey …  Then what’s better than a kiss?” – asked Sarada.

“I’ll tell you next time <3” – said Sakura, tapping her fingers toward Sarada’s forehead.

And that is exactly what she means by something “better”. Do you remember? 🙂

“…You’ll understand when you meet your papa …” – Sakura asserted that to Sarada, which eventually made her impressed to remember even when she is eating lunch … Well, the feeling must have been really warm, right? 🙂

She is reminding her of all that sort of memories … Sarada is crying, again. Well, that must be her true important feeling, after all.

“I guess … I do want to help mom …” – said Sarada, sobbing.

This is when the problem is settled for solution. “Real things, fake things, those don’t matter at all. If you want to help …”

“THAT.IS.THE.REAL.THING. Let’s go save your mom!” – said Naruto, decisively 🙂

“Yeah …” – said Sarada.

“Where have you guys been?” – said Sasuke, seeming bothered.

“I’m gonna have words with you after this!!”- said Naruto.

“What about?” – asked Sasuke. But well, Naruto has to save this for later, since they need to go save Sakura first.

“She might have been already killed, though …” – said Orochimaru. (damn him!)

“My wife isn’t a weak woman. When we get there we might find she’s tidied up the place …

We know where it is, I’m taking everyone with me … Finally my eye powers have come back …” – said Sasuke.

“Your eye powers weakened? … Be reasonable …” – asked Naruto.

“I searched for the place in Kaguya’s dimension … It’s in there …

Takes a lot of chakra …” – answered Sasuke.

So it is like that, huh? The true power is now revealed 🙂

“No … You have no right to grumble at me! What was that fight back there? Don’t upset the kids like that.”

“No way! I don’t wanna be told that by you! Not about upsetting the kids!” – shouted Naruto, upsetting :))

Both the kids are amazed by Sasuke’s power … Well, it is so reasonable too 🙂 We will see even more than that, kids!

“My goal is … to stamp out the genes of idiot peace-lovers like you lot … to exterminate these genes that get in my way …”

“And you’re one of them …” – said original Shin.

“Pfft … Who are you go plotting things, wanting to know about my husband.
I was just biding my time listening to you …

Understand?” – claimed Sakura, strongly gripping her fist.

P/s 8: “To risk the fist of a growling wife …!”

Sakura is about to act!!

Now, here we go, chapter 700+9: “I’ll protect you” …

Page 1, “Countless blades” !!! The Shin boss uses numerous blades to make his own hand. Sakura has to face him seriously now, while being surrounded by many Shin’s children.

Page 2, Sasuke, Naruto and the Orochimaru team, with the two kids, is flying off to save Sakura … Susanoo is like, “dancing in the heavens”!! Long time no see this heavenly Susanoo, so magnificent!!

Standing behind him, Sarada is looking at his dad, while thinking about many things, about her mom, about what her dad says about her mom, and how he is actually feeling. Sarada seems to want to believe in those feelings of Sasuke, but still confused “How does this man feel about mom? What really is there … between the two of them?” … and what about the woman in the photo, Karin?

While Sarada is still in her own nervous circle, mixed by so many complicated thoughts, Naruto puts his hand onto her shoulder, as if he is telling her that all will be okay. She smiles back at him, and one more time determines to concentrate on go saving her mom, Sakura!

And they finally comes to the final place, when Naruto needs to use his sensing power.

Page 5, a fight has begun! Sakura has started to destroyed the place by using her own Taijutsu power – the power of the fist!! That Shin boss uses his right hand to create a big Shuriken, throwing at Sakura. Right at that instance …

A huge flash goes through the air between them, and cuts through Shin’s arm immediately. Then, Susanoo appears, catching Shin using its own big left hand. The hand squeezes his body, making him scream painfully.

About Sakura, she is caught by Susanoo too, but on the different side. And Sasuke has to release the blades from her wound and then use Amaterasu to get rid of the weapon that stabs through Sakura’s arm, the area near her shoulder.

“Darling … Thank you.”

“You can heal the scars yourself after, eh …”

“Yeah …”

Sarada seems to relieve to see her parents like that, and her mother is totally safe now.

“As expected, Sasuke with his eye powers back is a force to reckoned with …” – said Naruto.

“Awww man! How come he’s gotta be Sarada’s dad … and not mine!!” – said Chouchou. … Wait, Chouchou, haha long time no see :))) Funny again, girl :))

Sasuke and Naruto decide to take that Shin boss back to Konoha to find out who he is, but well, he is planning on using his Shin’s children as decoys to make it out of there …

However, right when he orders the Shins to follow him …

… Crush …

All the Shins stabs their weapons through Shin boss, at the same time, without hesitance. Shin is shocked, suddenly.

And everyone, too, is shocked at that action of betrayal.

“Father … Now … You are old flesh …  unusable and disposable …” – said one little Shin.

“Y…. You all … Me! I’m the original … one!!” – shouted Shin.

“Your eye powers, father … are already … weak.

From now on … will be the ones to evolve. That is … the most … logical …” – said that Shin, again.

“….. I thought something like this might happen …”  – said Sakura.

“There are so many of them …” – Naruto is surprised.

Yeah, so many of them surround Naruto’s team, and attack them at the same time.

“We don’t need … our father … anymore.” – that Shin continues.

… So the fight, begins!

“Multiple Shadow Clone Technique!! (Tajuu Kage Bunshin no jutsu)” – Naruto activates his most usual jutsu.

The clones of two sides come at each other, and clash!!

Suddenly, there appears one super big Shin! While Naruto is amazed, Sasuke has already prepared, and he jumps to punch that fucking Shin with Susanoo’s fist!! Seems easy, though.

And behind the scenes, there is a small creature with Sharingan, at the beginning of the story, appearing as a sign for Shin boss to act. He finally takes his chance, to use his eye powers, to move himself connecting with that creature’s eyes as he is needing more spare organs … And moreover, he is planning to take the girls too, how dangerous!

Naruto realises that, but cannot be fast enough to react …

“Sarada !!” – shouted Sasuke.

“I know what I’m doing!” – said Sarada, determinately.

“You little! ” – hitting directly at the small one, Sarada angrily shouts.

“It’s dead …” – after sometime, Shin boss is unable to react anymore.

Then there appear even more Shins after them. Naruto is about to take another shot with Shadow Clone Jutsu, while Sakura is about to protect Sarada, telling her to stay back.

However …

She jumps! Sarada continues to jump, and to fight!

While everyone (except Sasuke) is surprised, Sarada avoids the weapon that one of the Shins throws at her, showing her eye powers awaken!!

Sasuke is smiling as if something natural has happened right then.

“I’ll get you bastards!!! (Shannarou!!)” – Sarada hits the ground, making a massive explosion, breaking down the earth strongly around that.

The wave hits the Shins immediately, throwing them out. The power is released, full of emotion!!

This is the power of the truth that needs to be shown.

P/s 9: “Overwhelming emotions!!! Charge in, Sarada!!!!”


The final chapter  of Naruto Gaiden has come out this week’s Thursday. And now I am making my last review for this series. Well, yeah, it is quite sad to say a real Goodbye to the manga, but … We need to support as much as we can 🙂

Chapter 700+10: “What appears in those eyes” …

Page 1, here we see “An echoing roar! Sarada, attack everything with your fists!” A super massive explosion is caused by Sarada direct hitting fists to the ground. And all the Shin are blown away …

Sharingan – her father’s power is detected, and Shannarou – her mother’s skill … are combined to create such overwhelming force.

Page 2, another scene is shown, where Naruto faces directly with the attacking weapon of Shin. He uses his bare hand to grasp the blade.

“Calm down …” – said Naruto.

Shin notices something, and then … shedding sweat …

The eye of Naruto, is no longer him, but it is of …

“Kurama …”

The Shin is full of fear, and he is shivering instantly …

“There’s nothing to be afraid of … If you don’t do any worse than this … neither will we …”

The Shin … gulp …

“You’re too soft, as usual.” – said Sasuke, jumping down.

“So … What are we gonna do with these guys?” – Sasuke asked Naruto.

“… Ah right … Konoha has an organization to support orphaned kids … I’ll talk to their leader.” – answered Naruto.

“….Oi…. These guys seem to have some kind of Sharingan. Are you really gonna support kids like them?” – said Sasuke.

“Yeah … They’re still kids after all … Just need a bit of training.” – said Naruto, positively.

… So the fight has come to a quick end, without any severe damage.

Chouchou runs to Sarada, saying her family is so awesome … Yeah, of course, as expected of our main heroes and heroines’ family. By the way, Chouchou is amazed to see Sarada’s Sharingan for the first time. Sarada is surprised to realise she has somehow awakened her true power recently, too … after watching into her hand, or “the chakra flowing inside her”. What does she see? Well, it is of course the special chakra that she is inherited from her dad and her mom.

“Sarada, are you okay!?” – said Sakura, worryingly running to Sarada.

While Sarada is just about to say sorry, Sakura … hugs her daughter immediately. Yeah, that is natural.

“… I’m so glad you’re safe …” – said Sakura, page 6.

“Too tight … Mom …” – “Oops! …. Sorry” – haha, that conversation again, huh? :))

“I’ve heard most of the story from Shizune … Damn it! (Shannarou – similar to “Dattebayo!”, so this is a kind of emotion, not idea or any saying :)) You’re my child, no doubt about it … an idiot child, that is …” – said Sakura 🙂

Naruto is speechless the whole time. However, he should be thinking about all of this thing again after all.

“Yeah … I know … It’s fine now … We have all of these thoughts and memories … It’s our feelings that connect us over all …” – said Sarada, smiling with some kind of embarrassment.

“Our hearts are with papa so that’s all that matters!” – that is what Sakura used to say, and now Sarada has finally come to understand it.

“Dad!” – Sarada calls out to Sasuke, her father, making him notice.

“Dad, do you think our feelings are well and truly connected to mom?” – asked Sarada.

“Yeah.” – briefly answered Sasuke.

“How come that’s all you can say about it?” – asked Sarada.

“Because we have you … Sarada” – said Sasuke, without hesitance or any further thought.

The picture of the three in their family, is so beautiful and moving, you can say that it is a happy family, from the inside, not always it must be from the outside tho.

Sarada is about to cry, Chouchou is happy for her friend, and Naruto smiles after everything is said.

“Well then … Let’s go home ….!”

Page 8, a total different and a bit strange apartment. And the big Shin is sitting outside, because of the size, haha. Look, he is so sad, huh? :)) Well, it is really great that he does not receive any further danger, because that Susanoo back then was so scary.

“We’re going to have to give each one of them their own name for convenience …” – said one man.

“Er … There are just two many of them … Before that happens ….” – said the other man.

“You’re all going to live here from now on … That means from today I am your father.” – said …

“My name is Kabuto … No need to be shy.” – … Kabuto, and one more guy sitting next to him, as an assistant, kind of.

Page 10, the gate is open, and the Naruto’s group is going home, finishing their task.

Wait, not exactly “done” … huh?

“Aw man! It was supposed to be a trip to find my dad … But instead we found your dad, Sarada. Next it’s gonna be my turn so you’ve gotta help!” –  said Chouchou. Oh dear, this troublesome girl is really … 

“Er … Yeah …” – said Sarada, not knowing anything more to say to this hard-headed Chouchou.

Suddenly …

“Been awhile since we’ve had this many missions” – said one man, from afar.

“You mean it’s been awhile for you so you’ve pushed yourself too hard!” – said one woman, opposite to that guy.

That conversation makes Chouchou notice. And she immediately “just got a feeling about that guy!” …

Oh yeah, well then …

“So like … Are you maybe my dad?” – Chouchou leads to the two people’s spot, and asks the man standing there.

Oh yeah, well then …

“What are you saying Chocho? I’m your dad, but ….” – said our Chouji.

“Wha!? Are you for real? …. Dad!?” – amazed Chouchou.

“Ah … right! Chouji… It’s been awhile since you’ve had a figure like that eh? It’d be shock to anyone who didn’t know.” – said our Ino.

Oh dear, if things are that simple, it will be okay, but Chouchou are really having a problem herself, you know …

“Well yeah, I guess if you put it like that …” – said Chouji.

“Dad … What the heck! Some secret passed down through the Akimichi clan?” – asked Chouchou. Haha, funny.

“Well then you’ve gotta train me! We start tomorrow!” – decided Chouchou :))

“Hehehe …” – laughing, Sarada 🙂 It seems things are okay, now, just from now :))

“Sasuke-kun!? Wah … Long time no see!” – greeting Ino to Sasuke 🙂

“Chouji, Chocho has been looking for you forever.” – said Naruto to Chouji.

“I was on a mission …” – Chouchou is about to say … then …

“Wh … Wait, what?” – asked Ino, not understanding. “Hahaha …” – Sakura … does not know to say anything …

And then, they go home.

We can a scene at Sakura’s family, with the three sitting and eating the dinner, while Sarada is asking her dad about something 🙂 Sarada is cute, and pretty pretty in her casual clothes 🙂 Oh pretty pretty huh?

And in the next morning …

“When will you be back next …..?” – asked Sarada. Sakura and she have come to the gate to farewell Sasuke, before he continues to go on his own mission.

Sasuke is quiet, as usual, but actually, you can see some clear emotion from his face.

He then hugs Sarada, maybe … the first time suddenly like that?

“Dad…” – sadly, Sarada.

“Don’t make that face …” – said Sasuke.

“See you next time…” – said Sasuke, putting his finger onto Sarada’s forehead, just as what he used to do with Sakura in the past.

Sarada is about to cry, but then she turns back, and smiles to his mother.

Yeah, she must realise something. Something that Sakura has said to her, that she would finally understand when Sarada can meet her father. Sasuke is really special, isn’t he? Always.

Sakura is smiling happily back. And then it is her turn, to give Sasuke the lunch box made for him.

And …

She looks to him, smiling, a bit embarrassingly …

He looks back, not saying anything back … Just look, and maybe, does he notice any sign?

She smiles again, this time with an up-turn sight.

Sarada is next to them, not understanding that action.

Well yeah, Sakura, haha, you are as romantic, as expected. But you know …

“See you … I’ll be back.” – said Sasuke, shortly, and coldly leaving.

Sakura is immediately drooping … Sasuke, where is my supposed kiss???  :))) Haha, so funny :))

“You’re gonna keep me waiting…” – So Sasuke has never done things like that, so that means, he turns and goes like this everytime ?? :))) Poor you, beautiful girl, Sakura 🙂

Page 16, Sasuke is smiling lightly, and at his back Sarada is waving her arm strongly to say goodbye, and Sakura is drooping, waving … Yeah … well then … uh huh …

Bye bye, Sasuke. Have a good lunch ^^

“Thanks, eh …” – said Boruto.

“For what?” – said Sarada.

“For the lunch box … You really gave it to him.” – said Boruto.

“No, thank you … Thanks to that I was able to reach my own goals … So it’s really I who should thank you.” – answered Sarada.

“?What do you mean?” – asked Boruto.

“It’s not like I could deliver lunches to everyone in the whole village so … Instead I’ve decided to become Hokage.”

Boruto is feeling confused …

“Pff … Hokage … Ridiculous …” – said Boruto, irritatingly. It is exactly what we can think about, and what we can expect to see more in the upcoming “Naruto: Boruto the movie” this year.

“Huh!? That’s impossible! I’m the one who delivered Sarada!” – shouted Karin. Yeah, our Karin.

“Then … that umbilical cord ….” – said Suigetsu, confusing.

“Was between Sakura and Sarada! Sakura was chasing after Sasuke and we traveled together for awhile! During that time Sarada was born in our hideout!” – explained Karin.

“….Are you serious …. After all you kept saying ‘Sasuke, Sasuke’ all the time …” – said Suigetsu, as posing a question.

“Dumbass! I just want Sasuke to be happy. And besides, there’s such a thing as friendship between women …” – explained Karin, again :))

“Ohhh … Well, yeah, there’s that … So then, you’re totally over him, are you?” – asked Suigetsu. Damn, you are really a dumbass, Suigetsu!

“You just don’t get it … Connections come in many forms…” – explained, Karin …

“More than that, Suigetsu you little… You’ve got a lot to apologize to Sarada for!” – continued Karin, disappointed.

“And you owe her a new pair of glasses … I think she’s outgrown the last one we gave her!” – oh my Suigetsu :)))

At the end of the page, we can see Sarada is standing inside her apartment. And looking at a photo, on the table.


She is smiling, so so happily.

“What reflected there was the real deal – love.”

What a happy family, for-ever!

P/s 10: “Thank you for your reading and for  your support!”

The end.

So the 10-chapter (mini) series has come to a beautiful ending. And we are mostly satisfied now, right? If anyone still has any question about Uchiha or any relation in this series, feel free to discuss here! I’m happy to hear your opinions, though I know there won’t be anyone here to read my post 🙂 (so sad) …

Thank you for your support (even it is not, I don’t care, since we all love Naruto!)

And about Boruto, we can understand that this mini series is just about Sarada as the main heroine, and about out main hero, we need to expect to watch in the coming Boruto’s movie, in the late of this year!! About the beginning of August, huh …

So, bye for now.

I have finished my longest status here. It is so refreshing to have done all of it.

Well done, Kishimoto sensei. You are really the greatest mangaka I have ever seen 🙂 Hope to enjoy yours in the future!



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