Muse in everyday lives

Stick with it – muse. Everyday.

I am a Vietnamese person, and before a word, no matter how much I love the language, I would prioritize to use a dictionary first, so please pardon me just for a bit.

Okay, if we look into the word, we will see that it has such an archaic meaning – a poet. If we think about a poet, I mean, think about the nature of a poet, and a poem, it is really easy to connect to the other meanings – or hidden meanings, I would like to say – of “muse”.

A guiding spirit, or a source of inspiration. In a life.

We don’t have to be a poet, to make poems, so that we can exact our own feelings, in order to express our passion every time we have it. I would love to say, muse, is a great thing to do every day, no matter who we are. Well, what I mean here (again, sorry) is a verb, not a noun.

Muse is also meaning the action to think and meditate in silence. And yes, just like every poet does before the words come out.

The power of feeling yourself is wonderful, and to me, is the most powerful source in the world that can make people do anything they want, or to be exact, make them believe strongly in their capabilities of doing anything (of course, in a positive meaning).

Just imagine it, you may have to go through many hardships, with many complicated feelings, most of which you may want to forget, or just set aside, to refresh yourself. Life is not easy, we all know that, and to overcome it, we need motivation, passion, and inspiration to move on consistently. But just right before that, it would be natural to muse. To think meditatively.

You may want to look back into the past, and learn from the mistakes back then. Or just to remind you of the beautiful days in the spring of your life with your family, or friends. Maybe to mourn over the dead (people or time) that left you here, but only for a little bit, with respect, then come back to your own sense and look up to the future above.

However, that’s not how muse is. Or, that’s not how to muse. Let me show you a little.

You may want to think of you in the present, and your own decisions you have made until this age. But, the thing is, try not to criticize your faults, or to regret doing anything wrong in the past. No, absolutely no. Just to think, that you have overcome such many odds to be here. You in the present. Not anyone before, and there is none business with the one in the future. Look around you and forget about what has passed, just remember what remains for you now. And remember your own self at the moment. Meditate your mind, and try to look deep into your soul. Try to close your eyes, not forcefully, but gently. You may not feel relieved at once, but gradually, patiently, you may calm yourself down quietly. And let me ask you, or you can ask if you will that, should we somehow control our feelings to some extent, will we be able to see things clearer, and do things much better than before?

I will leave the answer to this question for you. And you know, when you consciously ask yourself to find out the solution, that means you are turning to be a good ‘muser’.

Oh yeah, ‘muser’. Just a new word, right? That’s just my type of writing odd things, but understandable, so feel free to get mixed feelings. I just want to say that, “Muse” sure plays an essential role in our lives, and mastering it, frankly speaking, is not a bad thing.

We muse, to find greatness in everyday lives.


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