Craving for languages

Craving, whether good or bad, is something so basic that any living creature must have. Human in particular. Unless there is no reason to live, craving is inside each of us.

In my case, I always crave languages. Why “crave” here? And why not “know”, “study”, or just simply “speak”? In a normal sense, one could just say, “Yeah, go around and start to learn it. Learn them, as many as you can.” then I will have to listen to a long, long speech about perseverance and fighting spirit on the road to success…

No, absolutely no. What I mean here, is truly “crave”. And merely “crave”.

“Human hate what they don’t understand. But they see what you do, and they know who you are.” – said Martha, Superman’s foster mother, in the movie “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” (I bet you all love it if you ever watch!)

In my case, that is about languages. More than that, I am scared of not understanding a language whenever it is needed. So, why “language” here? Why so abstract, why so total? Why not just “words” or “phrases”? In a normal sense, one could just say, “Well yeah, search the dictionary, search the Internet, search Google, or any rich source you can find, even from foreigners. Then learn it, and use it every time you can.” then I will have to listen to a long, long speech about tenacity and how to have faith in a permanent belief. How lovely…

Absolutely no, again. I just crave for “finding and understanding”, as if this is the nature of my mind, and the sole purpose of my life. Everyone has his or her own goal for life, and it is special in its own way, which distinguishes one from another. At least that is what I see.

I am a Math student, or you can say, a science student who are always hungry to explore languages. I strongly believe that understanding languages can lead to profound insights of the world, and even the universe. To me, Mathematical definitions, patterns, symbols … are all part of the language namely Mathematics. And furthermore, Math is a language, frankly, a basic language for all science.

Just imagine it, if you know one more ‘language’, not only the literal one such as English, Japanese or Chinese, you have one more way to connect to the world. If you know as humanly many as possible, you can even reach the star world out there, and turn the impossible into possible. Finding and understanding languages mean showing respect and thirst for knowledge, as well as making connections to any culture in this world, and this universe. I believe in the “Theory of Everything”, and I believe in a way to connect everything together. We are many, as one. There is something that can lead to mutual understanding, and to perfection. Well, I know I may sound a bit too ideal, but that’s the truth, and I just want to share my thoughts with you all.

As a Vietnamese person, I am trying my best to study English, the universal language, not only for personal goals. I crave to understand the world, to connect to the unknown world in my mind, and to convey my ideas to anyone of you blog writers like me. I am still a rookie here, but I love reading and writing. Writing a daily prompt like this one means so much for me. It gives me a chance to practice my understanding of the language, and to crave more and more ideas from you guys.

Thanks for your time. Craving for all your own languages!



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