A beautiful praise

Praise is really essential. To praise is a way to make the world better, and to be praised is one of the best ways for a person to be acknowledged.

Almost all of us love praises. Even if you are modest, or feeling shy when receiving praises, you still need them as an important source of your life. And you can even praise yourself, for the good things you have done, without having to wait for anyone to tell you.

That’s how it works. We deserve acknowledgement by winning praises. The desire to be acknowledged is understandable in the human world, because as long as we have purposes in our lives, we are all likely to dedicate our efforts to them, in order to show something, to prove something, and to convey something to others. We just want to take what is rightfully ours, and what is necessary to live on confidently.

But we don’t say that out loud. We work hard to prove our own abilities worthy. And we all would love to get praises when the time comes. Not any time. One word in the right time is better, far better than any 100 words in the wrong. Maybe there will be someone out there who love to hear praises as if he is all high and mighty, and there will be another one, who love to praises anyone he meets, to get what he wants, and desires. Aye, those exist in our lives. But there are no great values in that source of thing, and there is no need for the world to get worse by it. What we really want, as we all know, is a powerful thing to make us feel motivated and happy at the same time – a beautiful praise.

How can a praise be described ‘beautiful’? Well, I cannot write anything too complicated, so what I mean is, just as it is. You will definitely know when you hear the words. When you hear the right words, you will see that they are truly for you, and only for you at the time. Though your mind may say, “Ah, that’s it, I know it, I know I deserve this moment”, you still feel thrilled, as if this is the first time you’ve ever thought about it. You feel the motivation, the passion, and the hot stream running through your veins, as though some words can totally make you shine. “Beautiful”, you think. And that’s it. It’s not about how beautiful you are at that instant, but about how the ‘chemical reaction’ occurs when the words come out. I don’t know, but, it is just like, you all know Einstein right, and his famous equation in the world of physics, E=m.c^2, and in this case, we refer to that. Yeah, it is just like, the words as an example of ‘matter’, at the right time, they convert all into energy, and even when we can’t see it, we can feel clearly, “all of them” turn into a source of great energy, and make your body and mind … reach a “higher level”.

Pardon me, but, as a science student, who craves for languages (as I said in my post yesterday), I just want to connect everything I can and utilize the way to describe my idea. In this case, I would love to tell you about how a beautiful praise can shortly be perceived, as a sign of such as reaction. Both related to Physics and Chemistry huh, but somehow I am a Math student, so I love this! I love writing about ‘praise’ like this! How have I done it until now, writing all weird kinds of stuff? Well, I will leave that matter to you to consider what it’s worth. I just hope that my words can give you something … good.

Thank you for your time then. Let me give you ‘a beautiful praise’ for all the words you have written until this moment!




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