Paint it acoustic – From what he heard

Paint it. Paint it acoustic.

That’s what he was thinking, and trying to do. But how about ‘it’?

Walking on the long street near his house, he tried to avoid any gaze of others. Or you could say, he tried not to look into the eyes of anyone else.

“They are all the same, indeed. Especially when it’s dark.” – he thought.

Since the day he made his own decision to go on a different and hard route, he had always known that things might turn out not so well, but … not this bad, really. Hardly anyone supported his choice, and now, when he failed and ended up alone like this, he somehow felt that “all of them just keep whispering about me, and my odd personality.”

Maybe he could find no mutual understanding in what he had been doing till then, but at least, anyone can have a good grasp of the feeling when they were beaten at their strongest point, and nearly lost everything in mind.

To pursue your passion is not a bad thing, not always. And he was not the type of person who often listened to the common so-called-rule, then followed like most people around him. He remembered learning in his own way, perceiving things different from others, and “beating them at their strong points.” once in the past. That time was great, and victorious. Since then he knew he had something special inside, and it was not necessary to go on the only road to get success. “You must make your own, to break those common obstacles.”, that’s what he thought.

And at present, he still believed in that. The key was not about “the road”, but about “the melody”. Every study aspect has its own ‘melody’, and you have to create the best kind of ‘music’ to lure it out. That work is of vital importance. And as a Math student, he knew he had to prove it for real, even though it was not really in his field of study.

But now, he felt lost. For some reason, he knew exactly that his theory above had nothing to do with the result, but it was natural to feel like this. When you choose to play the ‘game of nothingness’ in your life, you are already into the rule: you will become nothing to pay attention to if you lose. However, you can hardly gain anything even if you win, but “in the wrong way”.

He chose to believe in his own ideal, and as a result, he chose to become ‘nothing’.

Walking into the darkness, where the light could not reach, he murmured.

“You can laugh at me when I fail. But the battle is still not done with me. Because it’s currently painted by all your idle thoughts and ideas, which are so many, I can’t have enough sense to bear. So I will paint it with music, paint it with my own melody, so loud that it will reach any hole in the field, then beat you all, more than what I’ve ever done before. And I’m gonna paint myself acoustic, with my own instrument.”

He loved Felicity. And he would fall in love forever.

Opening the gate, he walked inside the house. The last light on the street was finally out.


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