Maybe is my favorite word in English. Or you can say, I use it the most. Am I such an indecisive person to use it too often like that? Oh well, maybe.

Maybe I won’t write today. That’s what I have just thought about. But now, writing a blog every day has become my habit, and you can tell, my ‘passion’. Passion is not something we are always excited about, but it is a kind of strong motivation that makes us ‘do the work’ even when we don’t feel like doing the most. That’s simple to explain, but the effect is very strong. If you have a true passion, you definitely understand what I really mean.

So, my question here is, how can we change from our original “maybe” to a better “maybe”? Like above? A good “maybe” is a pure “maybe” that just shows up and carries only one literal meaning: Maybe. We can think about an option, but we still fully control our feelings to act in the end. Sometimes the “maybe” means great, sometimes not. And we need to clarify it in our mind.

In my viewpoint, from what I have learnt in my life, we all need to do things we don’t like but are helpful. Or you can say, essential. There are many things like that, and we see them every day, such as our bad habits which we have planned to change many times before, but still not successfully. Our brain always tends to be “lazy” and programs every repeated action of us into our mind. So that next time, we can do “the same thing” very easily, and conveniently. We all realize this fact, right?

So, in order to “take over” your brain and use it effectively for your goals, you may need to control your feelings first. That means you have to be strict with your self. You can create your own passion in anything if you focus on doing it and linking it with a sense of joy whenever you finish any related work. You will keep coming back to ‘do the work’ until it becomes your important part in everyday lives. And next time, when a “maybe” comes to you, you will be calm to consider it carefully first. You may have to struggle very hard to beat the ‘laziness’ of your brain, but you will make it eventually. As long as you have a strong belief in your power of self-control.

How can I be so sure like that? Maybe, I will leave the answer to all of you to find out. Maybe I’m just a student, but at least I can somehow manage to write this down, right? So maybe it’s not so bad to write everyday, ehehe.


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