Reach – Out of or Within?

He always thought that kind of world was out of reach. Even in dreams.

But now, he had finally experienced it since the capricious dream last night. Somehow, he calmly woke up this morning, at around 6 o’clock. This also did never happen before, but he just thought it was nothing to be concerned about. Yeah, that dream made me even more conscious than ever, this is good.

He always dreamed of the world where anyone could possess freedom and equality. That is to say, the freedom to imagine and the equality to pursue any dream. But before a dream, there must be a goal, yes, a concrete one. So now, what is my true goal then?

If only people could try to understand each other and somehow could find a way to reach others’ hearts after doing any kind of work. That would be the best. We talk, smile, laugh, or argue, shout, cry, and interact in many other ways every day. But it’s often hard for us to control our feelings and think carefully to act better. Everyone has their own desire and their own reason to live on. No matter what you do, people all have the basic needs to see the world with their own eyes, and in other words, to fancy living in their own world with anyone and anything they see. Maybe each person did have his own dream, but some parts of it were rejected or torn apart by the cruelty of the world. As a result, they gradually lost spirit and motivation to go forward, and instead, lived in a safer way.

In order to reach a dream goal, you have to see it, as often as possible. Try to imagine, and make it visible in your mind, clearest as you can. You need to think of your feeling when you reach there, and to build up your passion for helping you stand still. In short, if you could somehow experience your dream world, it would be more than perfect. At least that’s what he believed at the moment.

He wished to make his own story one day, and write about a fantasy world, but it’s still real based on things he held dear to himself. He was still a university student, and he knew that he had to find a job after graduation first, but well, a dream is not necessarily a career, though it would be the best if he had ‘both in one’. He would love to use his science study as a groundbreaking source to realize his dream. In short, to connect the patterns and the words into one language, that’s what I want to do.

He was going to do his best for the whole day. And at the end of the day…

I am gonna see that dream one more time, I don’t know how, but I’m sure about that. 

And so, the active morning started moving.


4 thoughts on “Reach – Out of or Within?

  1. “As a result, they gradually lost spirit and motivation to go forward, and instead, lived in a safer way.” This really hit me, because I realised that’s what I did for a while. I hope I never lose sight of my dream again.

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