A complicated problem

This post may be short, and it’s because I’m feeling a bit complicated to express my thoughts clearly.

I have a habit of complicating matters before my eyes. When solving any problem, whether in studying or in real life, I always start to wonder what is the meaning behind all of this thing? Even if I find it hard to solve, I still ask the question about its true reason of existence, in order to give me some motivation to continue working on it.

I mean, every time I do something, I need a true purpose to start working.

You know, sometimes this habit of mine annoyed people around me since they couldn’t stand the fact that even some easy problems that could be overlooked did make me wonder too much. Occasionally, this issue led to my failure in explaining things to others, due to my complicated mind. And as a result, I used to think that I was merely a loser in solving problems in Math or even in my daily life.

But at present, I no longer believe in that anymore. Growing up gradually, coming through so many hardships and finally choosing Math Science to be my major field in university, I realize that every single aspect of this living world is too complicated for us to understand fully, even the ‘easiest’ ones. And the complicated questions I used to keep asking myself from the past until now are just the start of everything deeper, and much deeper. Complicating things may cause problems to people, but sometimes it is needed. And to me now, it is always needed to be done.

I just hope to be understood that, “complicated” can totally mean “refined”.


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