Relax in Study

That’s right. Relax in a study session.

The Final Exam of the first semester in my 3rd year is coming very near. And the amount of work is going up incredibly. I have to make a schedule for every day, in every week from now on, until the end of the examination. Well, that is to be expected. However, this year has one more thing to do: Besides studying for the tests, I have to learn how to relax efficiently during this period of time.

To be more accurate, it must be during any moment when revising for tests.

To become a third-year means that you can be called a “mature” student at the university for now. You have to ‘grow up’ even in the way you study, more particularly, not doing the same thing that you’ve always done before just to get high scores or competing and worrying over so many kinds of stuff before and during the tests. It surely was depressing.

Listening to music is normally the way people like to suggest when it comes to relaxing, right? However, concentrating on studying while listening to music is not always easy for anyone. There is much more to talk about this subject, such as using instrumentals instead of lyrical ones, but I would like to skip this, and really hope that I can have the chance to discuss with you guys at the comment session below.

In my case, if there is anything that can help me relax rather than only music, it must be doing exercises, the 12-minute HIIT workouts. It is very time-saving and such a greatly efficient way to improve your health without wasting too much time in the gyms. Moreover, this can be made to be my excuse for not going out to any gym with any friends of mine. Damn, I just want to stay at home (laugh).

The second thing for me is going out and having a walk (most of the time, alone, yeah). In Summer, naturally, I will go for a run in 20-30 minutes, to beat anything exhausting out of my mind. But in Winter, I would love to walk, and jog, whenever I have time with a suitable mood. Since Winter is my beloved season during the year, you can say that I’m always in a good mood to walk alone. Every time I have a chance to walk like that is always coming along with a wonderful experience.

My major is Mathematics. Pure (Poor, laugh) Math. So doing short-time exercises with enough intensity and going out for a long walk do help very much. If I want to feel refreshed again, I do the exercises and then go take a shower afterward. If I want to think more about the Math problems I’m currently working on during the revision, I may choose to “walk my mind” for a bit. Just feeling the breeze outside, especially in Winter, is enough for “a new wind” of ideas in my head. At least that is what I always believe in. And, you know, if there is any major change in my life since the time I became a Math student, it must be “the way to think and then just do it.” I cannot be “mature” enough yet, but somehow I think I am closer and closer with gradual steps.

I am still a kid. It’s true. And I guess this won’t change before long (laugh). You see, right now I am listening to instrumental music, haha. But I’m not studying, just relaxing. I choose to write a post like this, to remind me of one single thing, one good thing that I can always take on, instead of wasting time on unnecessary stuff. That is Writing. And sure it is. The last thing I wish to say is just that.

Write a post, a daily post. So I write one, and there it is. Before Math, this is truly a wonderful way to relax, once you find out a way to finish.

Just do it. Relax.

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