Unshakable truth

For a long time, a person, no one knows who that may be, “he” or “she”, has been known to be the truthseeker. Despite all facts around people’s lives, that person always seems to be curious about something else. There must be something that can explain all the matters naturally, and what might that be? We may never know about how he or she is educated to become like this, but we can listen to a story about che. From now on, since we don’t know exactly about his or her gender, I will use the word che.

In the town where che used to live, named Dainty, Summer is one of the most beautiful in the whole region, but Winter is just the harshest for a man to bear. Yet, all businessmen still choose this place to come to trade products, every year, in every summer, and no matter how far it is. Here they can meet friendly people, with a variety of tales to entertain, sometimes with deep knowledge, requiring a man to think as hard as he can. After every trading season in the town, business is often elevated to a higher level on any road the merchants return to. They always tell themselves and their children that, there is something essential that keeps them coming to Dainty year after year. Not only because of money or any physical value that they can get from the people there but also due to the thrill whenever they hear about the truthseeker.

You can see a ton of rich men becoming richer and richer, due to their supposedly good lies, sometimes called wisdom. But they never last long, especially when the short-term Summer ends, giving in spaces for the seemingly never-ending Winter to take over. Stories about them may be told here some other time. Nevertheless, only truth and insight are what make a real sumptuous life. And it is said that che is the one who helped the town become such a famous place like that.

However, since no one else has ever spent enough time with cher, to know who che really was, for now, I will not talk much. What I am about to tell you, is the short story about the end of a symbol. Whether it would be the end of my journey with cher, I’m still not so sure. At present, I only hope that today I can finish one part of the story.

There used to be a Summer which lasted only 2 months, and then Winter came very fast after that. During the last days of that Summer, in the town appeared a girl, homeless. She was very young, yet no one had the chance or the time to ask how old she was, or where she had been. She rarely spoke a word, just going from spots to spots, to ask for food, or work to do. Sometimes, people gave her coins to buy things to eat or to wear, but she never asked for money directly. Some of the old looked carefully at the girl, when most of the time she just bowed her head to them and then looked straight at them into the eyes, without hesitance. One of them anxiously said, “That girl is strange. Those are not the eyes of a normal kid, or woman. She is searching for something, and she does not belong to this place. Winter is here, and it is not good to let her stay outside like that.” But whenever anyone came close and offered to help, she just bowed her head and smiled, while shaking her long black hair. She continued to find work to do, even for free, in exchange for food. The weather was getting colder, so she even worked harder, in exchange for even clothes. Sometimes, she came to the village school to ask whether she could do anything in order to borrow books about Geography and Geometry. “Winter is coming here, today or tomorrow, I know. But this is how I need to live on, and I’m trying to find my own place. Please, let me work, and help me.” She never asked for anything for free. Never. The girl is unshakably calm, much more than anyone who ever spent a lifetime here.

Until the first day when the snows started to fall, and the white winds blew hard, she didn’t talk anymore. She ran more from places to places, to deliver woods, papers, and even food, as a daily job. She refused to come into anyone’s house to hide from the cold, yet she found herself any abandoned crooked temple to eat and sleep. I don’t remember exactly which temple where she met cher, the truthseeker. But that was the largest one, and of course, coldest.

“Who are you? Why are you here?” – she said first, surprisingly.

“You never see me? Though I always come close enough to watch you. What a pity.” – che laughed, cher face hiding after the black gauze mask. Che wore a long brown coat, with only the black eyes that could be seen.

“If you are here to persuade me to come inside, then I apologize, I have to refuse. I know I’m a burden in this village town, but I only have this place to hide, and to search for what I need to know.” – she looked straight into cher eyes.


“I’m sorry, but this is even colder here after you come.”

“In fact, it is the opposite. You know why you are here, girl. And you must know what led me to your place.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

“I have never seen anyone like you. Yet no one can see me, either. What you’re searching for, is not only related to the features you read in the Geography book, or the kinds of shape you look into the Geometry book.”

“So, where is it then?”

“You are imperturbable. Just like Moon, you also come here.”

[To be continued]



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