Discrete Evaluation

The society we are living in has always been full of assessment since the day people started to care about values that affect their lives. Explicit or implicit, no matter what, we all use the same question, Is it really worth that price? or Is it actually worth such many efforts? As time passes, we are all grown up and facing more and more of the aspects that require us to make evaluations, if we truly want to make use of those aspects in our lives.

There is nothing more significant to distinguish one person from another than the way they judge their world. Although we live in the same physical world, that does not mean that we all look at the same things, and experience the same viewpoints. Everyone has their own journey, and although some may intersect, there are never two roads that coincide. The set of evaluations we make is obviously finite, but what is more important here, is that it is always discrete.

Before coming to the main point, let’s talk about one simple matter: buying things. Sometimes, it is not totally due to one’s financial conditions that make cher decide to choose an object. Che may look at the price, and ask cherself whether it is worth that or not. However, in the end, what che finally see in it, is a crucial value that let cher think of a tomorrow where che can feel happy with it, and the joy it may bring about to some people che cares about. As a result, che buys it, as if the price is no longer an issue.

What I do want to emphasize here, is not about money, but about our personal values. How we judge the world basically depend on them the most. We look into a difficult situation, which we do not know how to react in the first place, but then, naturally, we make an assessment in our mind. We think about the orders of all the matters in that situation, and consider their advantages and disadvantages. If things go easily, then we can make a quick decision and move on. But what if, each matter is related to one of our personal values? Have you really anticipated that yet?

Let me take an easy example which I really care about. You have your important work to prepare carefully and a final meeting to attend for a presentation tomorrow, but today, since early morning, suddenly one of your most beloved relatives met a terrible accident and had to be taken to the hospital, while already losing consciousness with a large amount of blood. What will you do then? How will you assess the situation now? And more importantly, when you make your choice, how will you look at other people’s choices? What is about to reveal here, is one of the most basic things that help to explain why they are them, and we are us.

For instance, you have more than just one personal value that you make a priority of. And two of them are at the top: Responsibility and Love. In this case, it is nonsense, even so horrible, to ask such a question like “Is my beloved one worth my concern now?” or “Is this work worth that much devotion tomorrow?” Strange, isn’t it? Yet it may feel so familiar, simply because this is the same as most of the things we face every day. What do you do when you have to stand between two of your most important parameters? Which parameter are you gonna choose to solve the problem, at best as you can? Again, how will you make an assessment of the situation?

You have to make a choice. Of course, we all understand that. Moreover, at the same time, we have to understand that every choice has its own consequences. For example, you may prioritize your work, and have to set aside your heavy pain for your relative to focus on your presentation tomorrow. In particular, you believe that you have to do your best as you can, so that you never have to regret not just one but even two important things in your life. You will devote yourself in your work as much as possible, and hope for the best that in the end, your beloved one will be as strong as you trust, and you two will both survive and smile happily when everything is alright.

On the other hand, you cannot blame anyone who chooses the second option. That is their choices, and which personal values they have to prioritize. If you were in their shoes, you might as well decide the same thing, right? That is how we live, and how we differ from each other. But you know, what matters the most is what you believe. Hope for the best, and do what you can. And make sure that is finally, who you are.

I end my assessment here, and wish you all the best in your life.


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