Climate Change

For each individual’s problem, there can always be a solution to come up with in the end. However, when it is no longer anyone’s private issue, that’s another story. When it comes to Mother Nature’s problem, humans may never be able to overcome if we still keep a little mind to think of us as mere individuals but not one united force, and one family nurtured by our Mother. We will never really want to see what may happen in the end, when everything is too late. No, don’t wait for that time.

Climate change, as in the title above, is easily seen as the most important global issue nowadays. I am not here to explain any theory or show any evidence of the problem, simply because we can find almost everything we need to know on many scientific websites, especially the one of NASA. I’m just here in order to, one more time, face the hard truth, as an independent moderate individual. In particular, let me talk a little bit about global warming here, as one of the top subjects.

We are all human, yet ironically, we can always find some obvious reason to blame ourselves for causing one major threat to the Earth. Survival includes both development and destruction, therefore it cannot be helped. However, it doesn’t mean that we cannot mitigate, or even prevent, the consequences that we make. As most climate scientists agree, the main cause of the current global warming trend nowadays is “human expansion” of the well-known “greenhouse effect”. According to what most of us have known, it is the warming that results when “the atmosphere traps heat radiating from Earth toward the outer space.” There are certain gases in the atmosphere which trap heat from Sun after coming to the Earth, and the most important long-lived one is Carbon dioxide (CO2). This cause global temperatures to rise significantly. Moreover, the gas can remain very long, as if permanently, in the atmosphere and does not respond to any changes in temperature. This fact leads to what is called “forcing” climate change.

Just ask this simple question again and again, while we may now feel super bored when having to answer it ourselves over and over: It is true that carbon dioxide is partly coming from our Mother Nature and natural processes such as “Respiration” and “Volcano eruptions”, but does that comprise the bulk of the causes? Sadly, it can never be. Our Mother has allowed us a beautiful world to live in, while only asking for just a minor amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, compared to the great source of oxide to nurture all of us human. As a “proper feedback” from the children, human activity becomes a major factor in the rise of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide as one of the most. Factories and vehicles, companies and drivers, continuously produce emissions and exhaust fumes day by day. Many countries all over the world are still developing, like Vietnam, and industrialization really makes the issue even worse, when the clearing of land for agriculture and industry is becoming larger. And the number of cars on our streets is constantly growing and the number of flights every day is quickly increasing because of cheap air travel. People, as a given, cannot resist to such benefits.

But which people enjoy the benefits? Not all people in the world, please understand this. Natural resources are running out, and the environment is being destroyed too much. Take a good look at flooding and droughts, and you will see that clearly. Every day we listen to the news on TV and see what disasters have kept happening again and again. What do we think? Think about our tomorrow, when we have an important work to do or an event to enjoy? How do we feel? Feel bored of the again-disaster-and-stuff news, and want to have something fun? Truth be told, if only one person thinks and feels like that, it is okay. Totally okay. But the reality is harsh, always harsh. All of us, in the end, are human, so why have to think differently about basic needs? Does that sound right?

The effects of global warming and impacts of human on the environment are clear as day, yet silent as night. They are just showing up again and again, over and over, while most efforts to prevent seem to be in vain, and while most of us continue to live peacefully in our own world. Tragedically, if we cannot do anything better, much better, for the state we are in right now, then that beautiful world will definitely meet its end. Actually, the Great War of Nature is coming to all of us.

Before the Earth meets its final natural state, the Land of Always Winter, when the Sun is gone, please protect it as best as we can. Beside us human, please keep considering all other aspects. Consider melting glaciers and other ice, consider rising sea levels, and consider extreme weather conditions that may come very soon. Consider the wildlife habits being destroyed, consider green trees, with enormous areas of rainforest being cut down, and consider all species of animals and plants being forced into the corner of extinction. We live in a beautiful world, and it is our duty, as human, to do the best for it, as the children of Mother Nature.

I won’t talk anymore about what to do, and what needs to be done. We do not need to be experts to know the solutions to this global warming. Again, they are clear as day and silent as night. Just do it, but do it more, and much more than what we have planned. A Winter may be cold, but that is for our long-term benefit, to live in a harmonic weather condition. But, don’t let one day come when we can never feel the cold of Winter anymore. Recently, I have been feeling this fact very clearly. The Winter here is no longer as cold as the ones in the past. I can hardly feel the serious coldness, yet a delicate warmness, deep down in the heart for so long. Please look to a better tomorrow, when we can all live in our cozy houses, and smile happily in a true Winter, far away from the forcing exhausting heat that global warming can cause.

Right now I cannot do considerable things to help to prevent the main cause of climate change, but I simply travel by bus whenever I can. I know it is sometimes silly to many people. But you know, if there is one more person to do what is necessary, then there will come another, and another. If there is no united force yet, then we can start by building a small group, then a larger one, until it reaches the border of the nation, and then to the other. Try to vote to protect animals and plants while you can, because every day to me, without them, I can never relax and become exhausted very soon. Mother Nature doesn’t have only human as children, and remember, we are just her last children. What do you think if we damage one of her first children? Are we deserved to live a better life anymore, or to be honest, do we deserve to die eventually, as a given “forcing” choice?



2 thoughts on “Climate Change

  1. your efforts are very well appreciated.. 🙂
    but climate change is happening since the origin of the earth far more before the existence of human being.. It is a continuous natural process. may be there is contribution of human being but it is not that much to cause climate change to that extent.

    • Yeah, I am also aware of the fact that we cannot prevent climate change from happening, as stated somehow in the post, still just … if we can do anything the best we can, to mitigate the consequences coming from us human, and let the world be as beautiful and harmonic as it can be, then it would be great 😀 Really thank you for your comment ^_^

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