Obfuscated truth

As the moon is as clear as day on the night sky, che continues to walk while not caring about the cold starting to get stronger. There is a place that che needs to pay a visit every night. It is the place where used to be a celestial temple, and also where the moon can be seen brightest. Now, everything has been corrupted, but … Moon is staying there instead.

Che knows clearly that it is a dog. Yet it looks so much like a white wolf. Since the day it first appeared in this village town, nothing came out faster in cher mind than the word “Moon”. There is no doubt about that, and also unnecessary to think of any other name. In this peculiar Winter with a twisted appearance like that in the place shined brightly by the moon, he must be Moon.

And he came here for a reason.

At the same time, someone must be looking for him. Sometimes, che just knows the truth, yet cannot explain it immediately. It does take time. And time will let you see what I’m seeing. Moon’s black and red eyes are quite mysterious as if they contain a message. No, more than that, a warning. An omen. Black and red one.

Human is often obsessed by some particular goals or desires, yet most of the time invisible in the first place. However, this dog wolf seems to be looking straight into his obsession with his own eyes. Struggles with the coldness and wildness of nature have turned him to be like this. Moreover, Moon is not running from anything that chases behind, instead, he is searching for something. Just like that young girl.

I had better hurry. It won’t be long until he leaves for another place. At least, tonight he is still there.

It is not coincidental that che is called the truthseeker. Whenever there was any fact or sympathy that was accepted too quickly by almost everyone, the game of navigation began in the shadow. Thefts, traitors, or killers, were then revealed after just one night, with clear evidence. No one knew anything, yet the accused men all screamed loudly the word the seeker. “He sought for us, we don’t know how, we just hide, and he was there.”

Yet no one ever saw him clearly.

However, this state is not permanent. The time may have come already, and this hard Winter is the first omen. Next is Moon, and then the girl. Che is still wearing an imperturbable face, with a tenacious determination to look forward, yet che does not really want to think further than this land. Beyond the mountain ranges surrounding this region is the place where che comes from. And this is also the place, where Moon and the girl today, comes from. That is what he knew immediately when they first came here.

And the two of them were supposed to be dead.

Something is coming, and the truth has been obfuscated.


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