Dimensional Illusion

Pavement artists, or street artists, are always an art movement which impresses me in an incredible way. I am not good at drawing or painting, but I do like imagining things whenever possible. And here I must say, they are excellent in both of these aspects.

Moreover, they let us feel the reality in such an illusional performance.

Their works are created using a projection called anamorphosis, and create the illusion of three dimensions when viewed from the correct angle. Our eyes are easily tricked by their amazing abilities, yet we all feel wonderful, simply because they have brought such a beautiful world to us. They show us what a true work of art means, and how it can change our vision of life. To be more exact, “it’s a point of view” for us to experience.

You may want to ask this many times, how do they create such a great painting just on the street? And what really is in their minds? Well, you know, it’s not a problem about what and how here, but the true matter is, why they do what they are doing.

We often wish to see so much in something we feel curious about, yet we forget to ask the most important question: Why? It’s not about looking at the surfaces, but it’s about looking from the inside out. Amazing talents come from what are known as “true hearts” and “devoted minds”, so we have to take those into consideration first. When our motives and beliefs begin to change, we will naturally see more about what we want to see.

Today I have had a chance to read about some of the most talented 3D sidewalk artists here. It is always more than what I thought, even though I knew beforehand that it must be more than what I could think of. However, you must see to feel it for real, yet no words can be used to describe easily. Ice Age, Waterfall, Self Portrait, Star Mild, Beowulf, and many more of them as shown there, really capture my mind when taking a look. They are the most talented ones, of course, but what I want to say here, is the admirable motivation that leads any pavement artist to devote themselves so much to their works.

I have seen many young people enjoying creating beautiful works of art on the streets and on the walls. They just do what they feel passionate about, and let us view what they imagine. Some of us may find those complicating, or even annoying, and argue for some peace in our daily lives. But do you know what the true peace really means? Peace can only happen if we allow a variety of imagination to live in the world of reality. If our minds are always forced into some kinds of stubborn viewpoints, then that is called trap, not peace.

Reality nurtures imagination, and in return, imagination makes reality proud. And who is able to do that?

Pavement artists.

They are the ones who not only let us taste the wonder of dimensional illusions, but also convey to us an essential message: “It’s more than just print, or paint.” It’s more than just what we can see, can smell, can hear, can taste, or can feel. More importantly, it’s about what we perceive, and believe. Disobeying a normal viewpoint can lead to such a great experience, which can eventually change our lives in some crucial aspects. Don’t force yourself, instead let your mind be free more, and you will see what could happen.

It’s yours to enjoy.

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