The flavor of nerves

I am sitting here, writing as usual, but I want to emphasize one thing: This day will be remembered for a very long time. Maybe no one will understand, including me. Some people may notice that I’m nervous about something, but I know that I can never tell them anything. I just don’t have the nerve to do that.

Because I have to use all my nerve to do something else tomorrow.

Have you ever thought about the flavor of nerves? Of course, this sentence has a hidden meaning, totally sounds like me, right? Nerves are flavorful, full of states just like our nerves in the brain. Being nervous is the way the tastes prove their existence, and there are many kinds of being nervous. When you say “I’m really nervous”, there are actually many things that happen in your head, it’s just that you don’t seem to notice consciously.

I won’t say much about how, and why you’re nervous, since they belong to only you, and you are the only one who can control them. I’m just an outsider, seemingly knowing everything, yet I still know nothing. Nothing more than what I’ve ever hoped for. Right now, what I can do, is to keep my nerves, with all of the flavors, before I have to do something that I never thought I would get the chance back so soon. If I stop nerving myself at any second, I may fall as soon as I close my eyes.

I want to smile as much as possible, for the near future to come. Your being nervous today will be worth it someday, and hopefully, you will look back at it and smile, just like me right now. I am straining my nerve to focus, and you should let your being nervous natural as it is, so that tomorrow you can think about everything thoroughly. I will think about everything I can from now until the final moment.

Winter is still coming, yet I’m starting to feel the cold. Let your nerves come through the harsh winds, and then you will be able to face everything. Being nervous right now is necessary, and we will see.

I will tell you what I have to say. And you will be always the strongest ever in your life.

Be brave, and just let yourself be nervous. The flavor of nerves is always very satisfying.


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