Friendship collides

From what I can see, friendship is the thing we need most in our lives, not to mention family. Here in this short post, I want to make one thing clear: I can only say “friendship” when that means “close friends”, and for “friends”, I just mean “normal” ones. The reason is simple: talking about “friendship” with someone you’re not really close, does sting.

Do you have any close friend in your life? Or, did you use to?

When you say you’re going out with many friends and having fun with them, yes, they’re your friends. But among them, who is the one you feel close to? Or, who is the closest one, in case you cannot answer the former question? Relationships in this society is one of the basic needs of every person, and spending time together to deepen the connection is of vital importance. We never want to feel alone for so long, so we reach out from time to time, to feel the wonder of friends.

Of course, your close friend may be included there, even most of the time. That is why the time you enjoy wasting is worth even more. Something more than perfect may even bloom in the end, yet it will be left for another story someday. Right now, I just want to write about one special case: when friendship collides.

It may never happen to you, or rarely, or sometimes, but, it does leave a scar inside me. It used to hurt, but now everything is fine. Truth be told, friendship was born to be worth a greater cause, and the closer you are, the more challenges you have to overcome.

Just imagine that, when your close friend is the only one who is not there, what do you think? You may just enjoy the atmosphere as much as possible, but deep down inside, the space of soul is never complete. There is a hole there, waiting to be fulfilled one day. You can have the ability to do most things alone, yet you may just fail at something you are meant to be close so much. It’s not about judgment or pure determination anymore. It’s about how che means to you.

Only when you accept what is not shared, and forgive what is not told, you will feel the truth of close friends once again.

That’s how it is. Friendship collides.



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