Tentative ideals

Let’s try to do something new. Right now, I will keep writing about what I can think of, and see what may be explored in the end. My ideals, just like in Time Machine, are still vague and tentative with limited knowledge about the world.

To find out something you’re drawn into is very satisfying. You can spend most of the time for it, as long as you are free to enjoy wasting your time. And it’s never enough if you see what you belong to in the work. Yet, it’s still just the beginning source for any exploration that may come. Or, there may be nothing that will even come at all.

The reason why I’m trying to write right now is also due to the fact that I wish to find out something new at the end of the day. But it may be too late after all. Still, I will let myself be engaged in this habit for these last minutes of today. Words are kept coming out, and my mind is kept thinking about what I could imagine.

It’s never easy to explore a meaningful idea, but you can enjoy the time when waiting for it to come. You don’t need to know exactly what time, simply because that is one of the most required factors for creativity. Stay true to your nature, and let your nature guild you into the things you’re into.

So, how is it now? Have you figured out something novel?


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