Easy or lazy?

Today is Sunday, a lazy Sunday as usual. Yet I still have a work to do, and more importantly, have a place to go out for this long. And even longer. So in short, this may be a lazy day, but not really an easy day. Well, in this post, let me talk about a typical kind of combo “easy and lazy” day. That’s when it’s rainy.

For a work that’s not so important and urgent, then a rainy day may be the finishing blow so that I can make a proper excuse to delay. But truth be told, I just take it easy and spend time doing something else, while not thinking so hard about the fact that I am actually lazy. As long as there are things to do, then that means I’m not guilty?

I have often heard about the fact that today’s work should not be left for tomorrow. However, sometimes, the possession of today is not so clear, so my eyes turn to blind themselves. Well, that should be easy anytime, and I can focus on doing something more considerable right now. Ironically, I seem not to learn: time is always cruel and is infamous for making anything turn against you. Anytime.

Outside, it’s raining right now. And it’s quite hard. How about waiting for a better time?

Obviously, there are some works that need not be done at the present moment. And when the weather is terrible, then it’s more of a conviction. But here, I only mention what is at a normal level. I just want to get straight to the point: Some seemingly most important works used to happen to me during rainy days. And most of the time, I chose to stay inside my room.

Especially, when it comes to a proper meeting with a crucial person, then things may get worse later. The timing here is important, and sometimes we need to set aside our own feelings. Nothing is as important as the timing. The rain is just simply a wall that you need to break through for your own sake. A rainy day, with a perfect timing, is much more precious than a sunny day, with a changing viewpoint. I just wish to ask myself this question from now on: What is the result that you really want to obtain? More than just your comfort zone?

Gradually, I don’t want to regret as much as possible. It may be raining at some point right now, but what can still be done, should be done as soon as possible. Only you can know when is the best timing for you to do the work, and make sure that you do not deceive yourself by your own rainy excuse. It’s totally okay to feel comfortable, but if you put a few more thoughts, then you will see that in most situations you are already comfortable enough to enjoy wasting time to do your daily works.

Do not pamper myself anymore, please.


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