Whirlpool of Events

A whirlpool, no matter where it belongs to, or what it truly means, once we get inside, it’s deadly hard to get out alive.

I have never observed a whirlpool of water in real life, only from images and stories. However, there are many things on this planet that we don’t really need to experience for real to be able to sense its danger. When it comes to an ordinary whirlpool, a powerful circular current of water, you know that you should never play around with it.

But that is not the purpose of this post. Once again, this is solely about life, along with another essential meaning of the word. And in this case, I have to say that I’m no longer an amateur anymore. Actually, you will see that in our lives, there are many strong currents around which we’re almost sucked into anytime.

Coincidence as it seems at each distinct time, yet when combined all of their happenings into a continuous live stream, you just realize that you’re trapped in a whirlpool of events in your life. Hardships come at us whenever necessary, and we struggle most of the time to move forward. Yet sometimes, we may forget to notice that: we are revolving. It’s important to fight as best as you can, but just a sheer physical strength of the brain is not enough. Hit them hard, and let yourself go through. And then continue to the next turn.

What if, that is a turnaround?

Again, maybe worth saying thousands of time, everything happens for a reason. A true reason. You know, if you just beat the hardship to set it aside, then there is nothing which can guarantee that it may not come back to haunt you again in the future. You may try to train yourself well enough to take on any challenge that may arrive face to face, yet you may as well, unknowingly, hurt yourself badly in the midway. Many times, the difficulties you encounter do not appear because there are more things to do, but because of your unthorough solution before. It was not strong enough to destroy completely the current of the flowing troubles, but only disorder them for a while. So, as a whirlpool, they can order themselves again, and come back for another hard strike. They may look the same as before, but actually, there is something essentially different: you must fight your past self still remain inside them, and make sure that this time you have to find out the origin of your issues. There is a saying that I do like much, from a fantasy story: The God is not done with you yet. To me, here is the God of Insight, who tries to give you another chance to get out alive from the whirlpool.

For what it’s worth, be aware of any comeback in your life. You can get stronger day by day, but if the whirlpool surrounding you also does, you’re done for.


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