It’s never been easy, I have to say, to launch any trade-off in my life.

Every time I decide to move on, that means one exchange has been done. The reason why you become so different from you in the past is mainly due to a large number of trade-offs you have chosen to make. There were things which had been so close to you, until the day you chose to let it go, for something new to replace. That old thing may never come back anymore, but the lesson you’ve obtained since that day is: We may only feel the preciousness of something we no longer possess because it was finally free, and we are also free to change ourselves, for a better person we may become.

Something has to go, at the right time, for something else to make an appearance, so that life can lead you to another state of becoming the person you need to be.

Today, you may also have to face a trade-off, at any moment. You may ask the question about what may be gained, and what may be lost. Nevertheless, there is always one thing to remind.

Which will let you launch out?

One thought on “Trade-off

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