A popular book

In my life, books are the essential source that leads to any great motivation afterward. One of the best in my collection is the series A Song of Ice and Fire. It is a fantasy series written by George R. R. Martin and has been adapted by HBO into a popular TV series called Game of Thrones.

If anyone knows about this series, even just a little bit, then it is lucky for me to write this post today. After Eragon the Shadeslayer, this is the next wonderful adventure that I have ever spent in my school life of reading. ASOIAF currently consists of five volumes right now, and of course, is still going on. Yet the TV series is going faster due to the slow publication of the original book, The Winds of Winter. But to me, it’s not about “slow”, the more important thing is the motivation of the author. And also, the fan.

They keep hoping and asking for the coming out, which is natural to understand, and the author may feel some sort of less motivation. I think that cannot be helped, and at least he is still making constant progress on the book, which is the best thing for now. To me, reading the story is so much thrilling, and reading it again may give you another journey to enjoy, compared to the first time you read. Just imagine the world of ice and fire from your heart and your mind, and find out something that you may have not noticed in the first place. Actually, that gives me a motivation to move on, and train my imagination when the new book has not yet come out.

The story is really deep, and mysterious with vast knowledge. Following a chain of events and characters, in which everything is connected by a grand core, is just so intensive. To me, the series makes me think of the day when I can be able to make a fantasy world for myself, where I can convey what I truly believe to the reader.

That is what I call the great motivation, because it’s never been easy for you, to find such a great source of inspiration in your life.


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