A spanking breeze

Realize. Realize, please. It must be somewhere in this place. In this region.

For half a day, Sean had not found anything at all. There were no better maps than the one which the Chief had shown her since midday. And also, there were not many books that could tell the detailed history of this third world. Sean wished to look at some information about the old days, with the old lands whose old cultures reign here. She had heard tales from many authorized merchants before she came to Dainty. In those tales, there used to be some sort of a war once upon a time here, but for some reason, it – not sure the time or the struggle – was a zippy occurrence. Then again, not sure how long it must have been until the day merchants from all around the Capital noticed, this village had already become a sumptuous place covered by rich soils and productive resources. People moved and lived here before long, with no traces of the war to be seen. Stories were passed down through generation, some of which told that this region was protected by some lost God, whose existence was paid as a grandiose price to keep the permanent freedom there. That God had no name, but based on the incredible peace longing on this land through even the harshest natural phenomenons, the town village was called Dainty by the first settlers – which meant “refined” as a chosen one by the God.

Whatever it was called, it was still the third world. Laws hardly reached here, or it could be considered as some kind of gifted land. Or a free city. So that means, people just mostly come here to do business every summer, but not even a single one was kind enough to propose a full documentary or a full map describing the nature of this region?

Normally, one could talk about the two kinds of a world in this kingdom: the Capital and the Provinces around – or may be known as the Dependencies. And Sean came from one of those. In fact, the most deadly one: the thirtieth township. She had a nightmare in almost every sleep since the day she got here, and this morning nap was no exception. But somehow, like the zippy war in those old tales, today’s nightmare was just a brisk walking through the darkness. This happening was totally strange when compared to many other days before. In fact, before last week, to be exact.

The first day when the night dream started to be less suffering was the day Sean met cher. It had already been one week since then, and Sean had not figured out where that person lived at all. Cher existence was vague to be sensed, to an experienced tamer like Sean. When it comes to nature, wild animals were the hardest to get a grasp of. She had never thought there would be anyone who could make her confused like that. Sometimes she was even scared of the fact that she knew nothing about that one’s gender. Nothing was clear about cher, or you could say, that cher existence was made of ambiguity, except the voice. The voice was so bright, as if some light was shining through the darkness that night. At the moment they spoke, Sean had an abnormal sense, no longer of a brave tamer, but just a lost girl.

That person could help me, I believe, that’s why she could find this place while no one else did. Why did she seem to know about me beforehand?

Sean had to stop searching for now. Dawn may come very soon, and she had not slept since the short nap this morning. I should have stayed at the town library, instead of going to this isolated keep like this. But well, beggars should never bargain, huh.

Crack. Sean felt as if a bone was broken when she stood up and went outside. Yet, she did not scream, since the silent night was so overawing. The Moon was so brilliant, and bigger than usual. Faraway, she could hear the sound of leaves and grass blown up by the wind.

However, something … suddenly came.

Just a moment, nowhere to be seen, there was the wind. Sean shivered by that shock, while a spanking breeze hit her face, blowing up the long black hair, radiating a silver glimpse under the moonlight.


Sean screamed for a second. The scream of a tamer, before a wild sound. She could not understand. No way, there was no way it could be.

It must have long gone. It must have died a long time ago. 

Sean unnoticedly walked straight outside, to the main street before the old temple. That sound was from the celestial temple, where she met cher for the first time.

And now, who may she meet? Or what?

Moon, are you over there?



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