A steady effort

You work conscientiously for what is undertaken.

You try to perform every task with your best sincerity.

You make sure of them to be as most carefully done as possible. When it comes to quality, you want to be persistent with an earnest application until the end.

And so, naturally, you expect a corresponding outcome which is already set like a stone in your mind.

With a sense of justice, the payment needs to be fair, and you have to obtain what you deserve in the end. But later, you find out that you don’t get it at all.

Why could it become awkward like that?

I’m not here to dig in one of the most profound happenings on this planet since everyone has his or her own incredible journey that has never been revealed fully. And we may never be able to see through any road until its end really comes. So, there are basically two questions to be left open.

It’s true that your efforts are always constant, however, are the multiples of this constant enough yet, or we have to add some exponentials?

Based on what is believed, have you really satisfied what the expected result deserves?

I close my case here. I’m about to meet the demise of one important factor in my life, and the price is simply too high. Nevertheless, diligence and expectation still exist together to make every struggle enjoyably critical. In the end, I may end up not finding the significant result for which I have hoped since the beginning, but that only means the work is not done with me yet. My fate may be tied to something invisible, which is likely to reveal itself when I stop asking ‘why’ to myself.

Be that as it may, I’m still a Mathdoer.

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