Enlightened light

Lights could be seen everywhere when the midnight was about to come. The streets in the capital just before were hardly seen as considerably less crowded. However, darkness ruled almost all the places where I came across.

There was always a light at the end of any road, no matter how dark it was. Traveling home at this time of the night was supposed to be deep in many ways. It made me feel like, every day, there exists a moment when everything is connected through only one attraction.

To me, that did help a lot. Just a few hours ago, my head was filled with hardships, but in the end, there was something that saved me before the end of the day, and also the end of the week. That attraction was a light, after many lights, and before many lights which came across my mind. It was some light in the middle of the flowing night, suddenly making an appearance somewhere, to enlighten an important bit of my soul.

Things have been changing a lot these days. Words over words, images over images. Still, the special light never turns off itself. If there was a chance for it to break and darkness surrounds, then everything would be the end in a silent darkness. However, some kind of force has kept it stand strong, sometimes weaker, but always shining. Its lonely existence told me about which attraction I need to move forward to. Step by step.

Sometimes, in this case of mine, you may think the best thing you’ve ever got is a sharp intuition over a variety of matters. It could be great as the beginning of a journey, but for the long term, there will be consequences. Reality could be beaten with imagination, but that has to be made sure that, there must be enough imagination. Nothing more, nothing less. Any intuition, in the end, always needs a concrete layer to grab onto after every single step. That is a combination which I have to keep in mind forever.

Midnight is coming now. And here I am.

2 thoughts on “Enlightened light

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