A discordant sound

It was a jarring scream. Then came a cacophony of horns all around the space. Ted found himself opening his eyes widely, and his body unmoved. Right above the sky, right before the cliff where he was already on his knees to the ground, the illuminating creature was flying and growling.

It was the dragon since that old dream. And one more time, he knew that he had been drawn into this hidden world again. Just a few moments ago, or that was what he felt, he and Gora were chasing after the dog-wolf. Moon. Ted looked up into the sky and saw the shade of the dragon being reflected brilliantly by the shining moon. It looked as if, nothing has changed at all since the last time he was here.

No, this is impossible. Why am I feeling real again? Isn’t this obviously a dream?

However, the earth below was felt so natural, and the heat of atmosphere radiated in such a real way that he could not distinguish what really existed anymore. Ted turned back and ran into the forest, where he had run out of since the previous dream.

Back at that time, there had been a mysterious creature which jumped out suddenly on his way out, but he survived miraculously after about one second and found his place that high afterward. Ironically, now he was running straight back to its den. But for some reason, he believed that it has totally disappeared. What mattered most at present was to find a way down the bluff. He would never know why he ended up on the top of a hill since the beginning after all.

He thought of a chance that he would come back to the real world in just a few seconds later, like in any other dream, but somehow that could not apply to this world. There was some mystic sense of reality here that he was afraid of. Ted had always devoted himself to hidden connections among many occurrences when solving problems arising from every crook and cranny in his village town Dainty, yet he often hesitated to look into ancient tales. All he knew were mostly several stories about the lost God but he was never related to any legendary creature alike.

Before he finally noticed, he was already out of the forest and nearly at the foot of the hill. The cold winds suddenly hit straight at his face, and made him kneel immediately.

Why can I feel the winds now? Where am I really?

However, that was not all. His body started to feel like a sponge. He thought for a moment that he would disappear and return to where he was before, but instead, just like a sponge, he was likely to gain even some clearer sense gradually, as if familiar to this world as a living human. At that moment, a deafening sound came out again.

There was a large group of horning people heading to the spot where the hill stood, and looking where their ways headed, Ted could see that the dragon seemed to be waiting while flying around on top of a mountain. It should be far from here, but Ted was not sure about his real size. He had to follow the people, or to hide somewhere right now.

Before it was too late.

He still did not believe in the fact that he was now trapped in this world without escape, so he ran straight toward the location of the people. But coming nearer, he was also closer to find out that, there was a ton more after the few leaders. That was an army, full of lances and horns. Maybe even more, but he could not see well. He shouted to them as if needing a hand for help. He ran as fast as possible, and tried to make them pay attention. And stab me if possible. For me to make a way to come back to my world.

Some of the leaders turned to face him. Then one of them stopped, with a black sword drawn from his back. Why not use the lance?

Suddenly, something pierced him through from behind.

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