An easy moment

I remember clearly the last time I was lying in a hammock while talking to a friend next to me. That day was on the beach vacation with my classmates from High School, after a long time no sees.

Back then, at that very moment of the noon, after a happy lunch, each one of us found some place for oneself to take a rest, since the heat from the Sun was too intense to play around the beach. I saw the hammock since the beginning, and there were too few of them, so naturally, an introvert like me would want to spend a peaceful time there for a nap. Well, there were actually two spots, so a friend of mine took the other one for him.

He was not my best friend, but a good enough friend for me to keep a long conversation. We talked quite a lot, from trivial things to serious matters, but with humorous and cheerful tones, as if there was not a single thing to worry about at all. In fact, that was true to me at that time. That Summer, I got the chance to meet again several important friends to me and had a meaningful time with them afterward, so I did not permit any negative thought to pass my head; only the fun was accepted. I felt easy at a variety of things and took time to reconsider how to gain a simple happiness.

Lying in a hammock while listening to music, oh, was simply one of the best, right?

At least that was what I thought at that time. Now when thinking back about it, I cannot imagine how I could get such an easy moment, as if it marked the beginning of a new period later. And really, later I did find out that since the special vacation, everything had started to change in a novel way, which shaped my heart later quite significantly. But that was another story, to be told at another time, I believe.

Compared to the present, nothing has ever been easy like that noon. I have encountered so many things to be able to come back to the person in the past. However, that just means I have become more aware of my own self. Every choice I made from then until now was all essential to the remarkable changes in my life, for which I have fought an incredible battle. As a result, one thing has officially become my trademark in the way I live every day: the singular enjoyment.

Sometimes, in the climax of a struggle, whether alone or with someone, I suddenly burst into a quiet laugh, in order to clear up any traces of uneasiness. This was supposed to be unreasonable, but I have managed to love this surprising moment. As if, that easy moment was really the true beginning.

From difficulty to easiness, it’s often a long way. But with a singular enjoyment to smile, I have tremendously survived.

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