Outside the norm

Even when I am not a person who is consistent with making plans every day, I do often consider some principles in my mind so that I could follow as a basis. However, sometimes I would like to break the rules. There are some special things that I want to let them be unscheduled and based on free inspirations. Whenever they come, I decide to enjoy them alone while jumping into my own world and forgetting temporarily about any awaiting tasks.

I call those activities to be “outside the norm”. Sometimes they are surreal enough to make me wonder if I wanted to come back to a regular basis afterward or not. While it is very helpful to keep everything in check and have them arranged carefully to ensure the most comfortable results, I would love to allow some of them to be free to manage themselves from time to time. I just don’t feel the needs to take control, that’s all.

I won’t hide that I have failed a lot in my life as a student, and many of those times come from a lack of thorough plannings. Strangely, they were often not the plans to finish something in time, but instead, to write some stories about them. Implementing a task with only pragmatic approaches never sounds fine to me, due to an odd habit of imagining things. I always prefer to put capriciousness into the main forces of solving problems and create my own idealizations, with which I could be able to tell about my works as some sorts of thrilling motivation in the middle of troubles. In other words, I have a tendency to extend the time for enjoyment rather than preparing for the last step so soon, which sometimes is only true to me.

Today was an example for an unscheduled day, with the unfinished work before tomorrow left until this night. Obviously, it could have been planned to be done last night or even this afternoon, but I have chosen another way in order to put a twist into it. Today I decided to let myself filled up with surrealism when coming to an old place after a very long time no visits. Back in the past, I used to spend time alone there quite much, to enjoy the specialty of uniqueness, but for some reason, it had to end. Now, at present, I feel like I have finally been reminded of something precious to keep my mind balanced and fueled up again by a bit loss of reality. I can only feel best to live in a two-sided world, one real and one imaginary, after all.

For this post, I didn’t plan anything in mind beforehand when writing it, and so it does take a bit long. One more time, unscheduled – this is no scheduled post. One consequence of enjoying the surreal is that it won’t be easy for me to come back immediately with concrete words. Sorry.

Somehow, I’m still outside the norm.

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