Take your time

The honk of motorbikes and cars was just too loud on the streets that day, as if I was still in my place, not being anywhere else. But in fact, I was in Ho Chi Minh city, which belonged to the South region of the country, opposite to my hometown in Hanoi, the capital in the North. Sitting in the taxi driving to the airport, I had no idea about what to think and what to say. The time was late afternoon, and only silence and darkness covered my mind.

So I’m going back now, right? Finally.

I was even feeling more self-conscious than I had been four days before when I first set foot in the city. I had heard many times before that there in the so-called Southern capital, the modern life is usually offered unrestrained pleasure and fleshpots could be seen easily as long as you intend to look for them. And the people always had something essentially different to some northern person like me in nature. Unknowingly, I didn’t say a word to the taxi driver next to me but only stared out the window, observing all the light and dark corners passing through my eyes, as if that was truly the first time I had ever been there, sitting next to a resident and looking at all kinds of places. The four meaningful days had passed like a final storm, but so swiftly, in the way that it broke all the doubts which I had kept to myself so far. In the end, also from the start, the southern city was not strange at all, and only I was the strange one.

I could not speak anything out loud, simply because there were so many things to consider. I could only keep silence since I knew clearly that it needed time to let every single experience I had learned penetrate my body thoroughly. Until then, I would just enjoy the peaceful Sunday evening, before my real life next week continues.

Just like that, the taxi finally arrived at the airport, namely Tan Son Nhat, right at the spot where I had first come out four days before. With a brief thank-you after payment, I got off and headed inside the station. There was only one hour left until departure, and I just remained calm and looked for the right check-in area.

However, until that moment did I finally realize that I was totally out of place there, as I could not see where to go next.

Although things went smoothly as usual soon later, I had to admit, something was wrong with me at that very first moment.

Eventually, it was reasonable. After a subtle moment, I was able to acknowledge my status better than ever.

It sure did take your time to realize, right fool?

Some emotion was finally moving inside. When I came back to my own sense, something suddenly cried out alive.

I am coming home. Hurriedly, my steps were like flying.

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