Before Winter comes

One week has passed since that event. Today the rain finally appeared, suddenly when the boy got out of the house, then strangely ended after an hour when he was already at the club. Afterward, the sky looked a bit brighter, yet in a solemn way, with the cold breeze coming from all directions. It was hard to imagine that, just a moment before, the sunlight was still covering everywhere by the time his parents left for their hometown.

Winter is already halfway there. Finally.

Thinking like that, he calmly closed his eyes and felt every single bit of changes in the atmosphere. Back home from that heaven-from-hell training camp, he never imagined that his mind could survive and reach the present state, in which he hardly felt any restraint in his personal emotions. Things just happened so naturally, not all of them were good, but they let him see more of the reality. He still hated a lot of things, and at the same time, he also tended to like more of what used to be avoided in the old days.

The old days, huh? Just like when I was staring at that scene before my eyes.

At this time a week before, he was still standing firmly with his new friends, new teammates, along with all the nature – the forest and the sea. The boy looked thoughtful, but that was just the way his personality had always been. Sadness and sorrow were his deep feelings, where almost all sorts of strength came from. However, at that special moment, he did not feel lonely at all. His thoughts seemed to intertwine with the air, the soil, and the trees around them. Also, the brine. Yes, the brine was far away from his grasp, but the waves seemed to be silently calling. It was not calling for him physically, but for all the past that made him who he was, and for all the intense struggles he had just fought against to be able to feel the voice. Then, to feel the peace inside, and from the people around him. He could sense, somehow their hearts were beating at the same melody, harmonious with nature in a relaxing way. Contented, he quietly smiled and stared at the point lying straightly from his eyes.

There was only one point there, and that is to say, all in one. He experienced a singular focus that he had made for himself after continuously tremendous efforts. As if, the atmospheric energy of nature had found a way to penetrate into his body for a moment. With all his friends’ powers combined into one, he believed strongly that the final result could be done there completely.

On the first afternoon at that land, I was walking on the beach. I thought nature was something quite separated at that moment, but now I feel totally different. We ourselves are part of nature after all.

Before Winter fully came here, the boy would grow as a man.

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