The hard argument

What nonsense is he mumbling about?

Sean got tired. She could not get a grasp of what that young boy was saying at all. He kept dream talking about soldiery, army, and dragon. He must feel lost last night. I had a hard time after all.

Sean was not just an ordinary girl. She had learned how to fight, how to protect herself with martial arts. She inherited the fast reflexes from her military father, who had died for her. Home is gone, and now I have to stay here, kicking the ass of a boy?

She really meant it literally. Last night, she found him lying unconsciously inside the dark temple, and when she touched his body to check, that boy suddenly waked up and hastily kicked his body up, and grabbed Sean’s right arm. By natural reflexes, she twisted his hand and stroke at his leg, making him fall down immediately. But that seemed to be worse than expected since he got up rapidly one more time and approached her without any hesitation. Retreating back for a little bit, she made a stance and swiftly avoided her opponent’s fist, kicked him by her left leg, and the right leg quickly wrapped around his neck, preparing to break it.

“Arghhhh!!” – the boy screamed.

But that was not the scream of a losing player. He caught her body with all his might and forced them down to the ground at the same time. His remaining hand was extended to grab at anything he could on her body to take over some control. However, things were not very good. For both of them.

Right, not good at all. What a moron he was, after reacting at a moment like that.

The boy’s hand touched her bosom right at the spot, and his reflex at that time was even stronger than the waking up before: He took back his hand dramatically, but so fast that Sean did not have the time to release him yet. As a result, while her grip was still very tight around his body, his arm suddenly retreating caused quite a damage to his shoulder when their bodies collapsed on the thick sludge. A breaking sound from his upper body could be heard clearly.

That should be enough already. Aye, what a quick end for him. But Sean did not stop there. She was somehow outraged by the sudden touch just a moment before, so she still wrapped him unyieldingly, and gave his back head a finishing blow. Then the boy was even more than just defeated.

He slept until the morning, and now Sean was regretting not waking him up earlier, much earlier. Moreover, his sleep talking was something too vague and obscure, as if he was still fighting somewhere. The fact that he waked up before, was it just his dreaming effect? Was he crazy, or just naturally made like that?

“Nevertheless, he was there. For some reason, we may see each other soon, right Moon?”

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