In a maze

I have no idea about the gremlins which have caused the problems of not being able to access any website on my beloved table computer since yesterday night, although all the connection to Internet is available.

Things will surely get much worse if this state continues in the next week, but right now I have enough of a maze to come over. All the tasks have gathered here, now is the time to find the right strings to connect them and combine as a whole road. I bet that there are always times when we both face this situation, so what matters only here is the way we choose to confront it.

Somehow, it’s quite interesting for me to write the post on my iPhone like this. I have just done it since yesterday, and now is my second time to get used to it. This sudden change seems normal at the first place, but actually it makes me realize something essential in the state I am in. And maybe we are in.

I feel a bit easier to focus into the small adorable thing before my eyes, and the very light sound of typing on the virtual keyboard is really comfortable, especially at this nighttime. With this, I can enjoy writing the post more than usual, and maybe forget about the doubts inside my head. More generally, what I really want to say is: When we are in a maze, we all struggle to get through it, using our best efforts. That’s totally true. But the crucial factor is our feelings, is that right? There’s a maze out there, so it’s quite natural to have a maze inside our head also. And if we can manage the one in our mind well, certainly we will finish the real one in no time, that’s the point. In the end, it’s all about how we view things, not about what things are.

It’s fine to be a little eccentric when you feel troubled and want to free your mind. Behave like a bird for a moment, and try to become a oneness with nature for a few minutes. The key to get out of the maze lies in the singular freedom you find for yourself, and how it tells your world why you’re here. The moment when your focus is led to only one singular point before your eyes, that’s when you can go still, blowing up every doubt and worry, to get closer to your goal. Every step you take, after freeing your mind a little more, will be the building block for your final resolution of singularities. As long as you are able to calm yourself in silence, and believe in the bird you imagine for your wings of freedom, you will see it clear. What is it?

The true road of yours from above the sky.

You will enhance your body and mind beyond the scope of your maze, no longer letting it control and restrain your steps anymore. And you know, I really love the unique way of calling this road: From happiness to success.

Not the other way round. Never. When you’re happy with every step you take, the maze will be conquered. And to reach your goal eventually, while feeling full of peace and freedom in mind, is the most profound definition of success ever in our life.

Wish the best smile to you, and please have a good time enjoying your journey.

P/s: I would love to write a little about our house’s lovely birds in the next post, because it sounds fun, ehehe.

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