Naruto spirit

I love reading stories about some character whose life met a terrible darkness and then turned out to be looked down by many higher-class people. Sometimes, that is a singular person who seems totally inferior to a whole society around him.

In my nickname on this WordPress, there is the very first part, named Naruto. If you have read or had some memories about this popular manga, you will know what I mean very clearly. This manga tells the story of a young boy who had a huge dream of becoming a Hokage, the strongest shinobi (ninja) as well as the revered leader of the whole village where he lived in; however, the kid had an incredible sort of trace inside him, which made most villagers avoid and despise. “He is a monster, don’t come near him.” – that was one of the very first lines at the beginning of the story which I can remember now. Most of the details in his journey still lies in my head, but for today, it’s enough to talk about the only one thing which has changed the fate of my life dramatically: Naruto’s spirit.

Let’s come to the second part of my nickname, math96. I am currently at my last year as a university science student, whose major is Mathematics, and I was born in the year 1996. As a result, I made a combination and create this name a long time ago, at some special moment when I had to register an important account on the Internet. It took me not so long to think of the name, and the reason was very clear to me: The struggle I had fought to follow Math was very same to Naruto’s struggle to move on his way of becoming Hokage.

I started at the same point with him, where I also had no talents in the subject called Math. “Talents” here, I mean, is the natural instinct which fits a good Math doer. At the first place, just like Naruto, I chose Math as my favorite desire was because I wanted to be recognized by important people around me. There was something that had created our bone strongly since the beginning: The fate of an underdog who strikes for the true victory.

That is to say, I lost a lot on the way to prove myself. I did not have much knowledge as a good armor at first, except the unyielding desire for not falling behind anyone, which was definitely the case back then. There were simply so many good students around which I had to compete again, and sometimes hopelessly. As my struggles for knowledge and acknowledgement went on, I kept following the road of Naruto, one chapter per week. As if, there was a parallel world where we both fought for the same goal. Every time I read, I was likely to deduce quite a profound meaning in my life, especially about the powerful spirit Never give up. It seemed old, but truth be told, each time you said it with a different voice, it had another shade, which gradually completed its full meaning which only belonged to your unique journey.

The story of Naruto ended when I came to university, after choosing Mathematics as my true major. By that time, he had become the great Seventh Hokage of the village, and I became a newbie in the official field of Higher Mathematics (ha ha). Well, I remembered saying to myself that, Naruto ended happily, so from then on would be my own journey as a singular character, being my own Naruto. I would inherit the Fire spirit of that young shinobi, and walked firmly on my way to the final destination.

Math has never been totally easy to me, and the fact that I have followed it until now means that it’s a very crucial part of my life. And more importantly, I’m still absorbing everything I learn through day by day. Sometimes, a beginner with nothing in his hand can prove his worth in a remarkable way, and I strongly believe that the fate of me working on this competitive field of pure science has something in store for me to find out. I love Naruto in the tenacious way he lives, and I love Math in the profound way it works, always making me to keep my step forward, and forward. Hardships is the essential ingredient to make the last burning wonderful flavor.

Wish you all the best weekend, and for a new week with a nice dream.

– NarutoMath96 –

2 thoughts on “Naruto spirit

  1. I admit, I’m no big fan of manga or Naruto, but I love how you give an explanation to each part of your scene name. Each bit means something to you, but when put together the meaning deepens and becomes more than just beautiful, even symbolic! I remember I used to build up one of my scene names (Darkenread) by some similar means. At the time I was searching for a good name I remember I was reading Beautiful Darkness, and the simple fact that I was so hooked up on reading gave me the perfect ending for my scene name which I love even to this day. :)))

    • Oh my, I’m really happy to hear your thought like this, so interesting to know, haha :)) I really love the way our name came out from both coincidences and intentions like that, as if the beauty was created as fate, so we never lose any of our love to it, right? He he ^_^ Thank you for your comment 🙂

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