Time for the unknowns

“If you think about it in a simple way, then it will turn out to be simple.”

“This sort of society is interesting; there are various kinds of people that you can meet every day, so you need to learn to understand and accept them all.”

Those are the words from the two Grab taxi drivers that served us this evening: the first was from a middle-aged man who took us to the restaurant, and the second belonged to a young one who returned us home. Both of them were energetic and had an open view of life, which made me quite comfortable when listening to their talking. Also, it has been a while since I had the chance to hear some meaningful sentences like those above from strange people. Deep inside, I’ve been following those words without any notice of using them naturally. How long since the last time I had a deep conversation?

Knowledge and experiences have no limits. Even from just a snippet of some story, you can deduce many profound meanings and examples if you truly pay attention and focus on every bit of them. I love the fact that there exists a huge world in every single word or symbol, and the matter is how we could study and create a helpful story for ourselves, and more importantly, for others later. Teachings can be found anywhere, from anybody, as long as we consider the full potentials of daily interactions. Enjoy every step in your journey, and feel the expansion and intersection of your own energy circle with people’s around you. They might be anyone, and sometimes a stranger from some far place can leave inside you a significant value which leads you to see a more beautiful view of the world you are living in.

I always love the idea that I can learn many things from just a small piece of anything, and with all of those snippets combined, some great stories may be born in an amazing way, when the crocodile of unknowns makes almost everything possible. The value of being happy in every movement and enjoying each bit of knowledge gained from the interaction is magnificent, especially when you possess an open mind for yourself. With that, maybe a natural look at the scene could let you create a lot of insights.

Basically, that’s what I’ve been telling myself consciously until today. When it comes to an individual life, we will be fine with all those small pieces. However, what I really care about now is when it comes to serving others. What kind of unknowns do we need to solve? It’s no longer about morsels anymore. As individuals, we can combine those snippets in our own way to enjoy alone, but for others, we need to make things much more flexible. To serve or support people in a natural way, we must ensure that every snippet we have gets its own potential of expanding itself to connect with others naturally. That means, they are no longer just some discrete small bits waiting for us to arrange and combine every time, but we have to learn our pieces in an effective way so that whenever we use one of them, it has already contained a complete world of views to share. Inside each of those worlds, there exists an open bridge, ready to connect itself to every kind of possibilities that we could meet in our daily lives.

Truthfully, if we wish to live a happy life with people we support, then let’s study together to create beautiful worlds from fragments.

It’s time for the unknowns to be solved willingly and openly.

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