The crescent moon

“The crescent moon, set like a silver signet in the western sky, delayed a little the approach of night.”

The sentence above was taken from a very popular novel of all times, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”. However, I haven’t read it in full yet, so I do hope that in the near future something amazing may come up for me to obtain a brand new appreciation. Living in the world of well-known classic literature, persistent throughout everyone’s life, is sometimes the same as traveling in a celestial zoo for the first time yet lasting permanently in your life. You keep coming across invaluable creatures, similar to the long-lived creations by revered authors from all times, and you hope to choose one for yourself to enjoy the specific journey inside, which may change your view of life forever.

That was how it is, and although not being able to read the complete book yet, just only the sentence above was enough for me to make an important choice later on. Which classic I should pay attention to, and which creature do I really want to savor with my eyes? So yes, the deciding factor here is, amazingly, the crescent moon.

Today marks the official end of November, but according to Moon calendar, only two days more and we will get the chance to watch the Full Moon again. However, to me, the very existence of the full one is temporary and easy to disappear soon, while the crescent moon was something much more tenacious, with such a strong presence as if engraving its own signature into the sky to mark the beginning or the end of the war between the light and the night.

While traveling through the mist of unknowns, with darkness awaiting to get in the way and cover the soul at any time, just only one sight of the remarkable crescent from the sky is enough to lighten a hope to pierce through the fear and anxiety which are about to control your mind. The Night is approaching, but the moon appears there, guiding your way to fight for the journey ahead, with the support from the very silver signet, stronger than ever.

A crescent revealing the celestial world.

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