Nothing is known

For a very long time, I’ve been holding my belief in one fateful story about a Hero of Justice. Does that sound silly and only suitable for kids? Or, does it really have some real meanings in this world of humanity?

That story I’ve indulged myself in reading was about a father and his adopted son. Zero was some kind of keyword throughout the main character’s life, which has left the deepest impression in my heart until now. It’s natural to say about a Hero of Justice as a person with a saintly concern to the people and doing the very best thing to protect the right and battle the wrong. Well, not really that way in this case.

He was an assassin. A top-notch one.

Inside the world of that story, there was a War called, the Holy Grail War. The chosen seven magicians and warriors would have to fight against each other, to claim the Holy Grail as the final goal – the miraculous existence that can help gain any wishes in the world. He was one of the chosen ones, and throughout the story, he never showed any mercy to his enemies. Not even one time, until the very end. 

When the Holy Grail was finally before his eyes, and when the wishes had finally come for him, the thing called Fate happened.

He ordered Saber, the warrior who served him, to destroy the Holy Grail.

At that moment, the most unconscious thought occurred to my mind. And I realized something that I’d never been shown before.

Nothing is known when it comes to Justice in such a cruel world like that. You play a great game, for a tremendously powerful treasure, and at the final moment, you decide to destroy it. He knew that the Holy Grail was the source of every disaster and sacrifice of thousands of people if it was free to use its power to dominate the world. He chose to finish off the six enemies, instead of losing thousands, even millions time more.

So, what was his true intention when attending this War, and why was he chosen as a participant by the great Holy Grail?

In the end, nothing is known. Maybe, only the purest will of Justice can survive to tell the tale.

That’s when his story came to an end, opening a new incredible one for his young son later. There’s still much more to write here, but for now, I will stop.

This story means very much to me, and although the post today seems weird, I just want to say that I’ve found a chance to write about it at the end of the day. I was unconscious about the story until the very moment when I saw the word saintly before my eyes.

There is some extraordinary meaning of goodness out there that I’ve found after the story. Therefore, I do need time to process my thoughts, to come back next time.

Right now, I know nothing.

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