Two people, and one

I have spent quite some time today to think of them, those two people – one has been my classmate since the first year, and one is our young teacher who began his teaching to us just over one year ago. Each of them possesses a unique characteristic which really tells who they are and why they do what they do. And for some reason, we saw each other in one familiar place this afternoon.

They were all going to the photocopy store, for some important documents. Well, this was a unique sudden meeting, which was quite rare for me to observe. But here I am not writing about the conversation between us since it did not last long; most of the time, I enjoy writing about the pure nature of things that occurred.

There exists an interesting triangle among our interactions with each other. All of the edges of the triangle are smooth lines, in their unique ways. I was fond of both of them, and there is often no difficulty to progress a conversation between any two of us. That is to say, we seem to know well the core of the matter that we want to say anytime.

My classmate is an extrospective student, who has an agile mind to talk and do things often quickly. Every time I talk to him is a time when I do not have to worry about waiting for a response or stopping to look for a totally different topic. The interesting fact here is, that does not mean he is a careless person to the extent that he says whatever he feels like, or we never have to change the topic in the midst of any conversation. Truth be told, we always talk about everything even related just in the slightest bit of logic among the subjects, so the story is always flowing smoothly until the end. Acute logic is the game we often practice when talking to each other without notice most of the time.

Our teacher is an introspective Ph.D. researcher, who has a rigorous discipline and often tells us stringent arguments in any discussion. He always makes sure to have the standards of a certain subject followed strictly by everyone, with a strict attention to rules and details. Every time I attend his class is a time when I do not have to worry about missing any important information no matter how small it is or losing the focus in any lesson. Once again, the interesting fact here is, that does not mean he is a severe person to the extent that he makes us feel obstructed, or we never have any moment of feeling down during the class. Honestly, he always demonstrates in detail everything even related just in the slightest bit of structure among the aspects of a subject, so the story in any lecture never stops easily to me, but it continues to flow as long as there is still a gap that has not been filled up. Abstract Algebra, after my supervisor, he is the next one who has shown me a whole new possibility to look into the subject in a compelling way. Forcible structure is the challenge that I often enjoy when paying attention to him without notice most of the time.

So today, we did talk to each other for a while, about what we are currently doing this semester. As I have said, it was a short conversation, but for a moment, I got to observe one of the best unions.

In the end, I’m truly glad to befriend them.


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