A nice shock

It’s late now, but I have just decided to write something here. Truth be told, there is quite a nice shock today on me. It has been a while since the last time I felt like this, and it is not really welcome in the first place.

It may be nice to think a little farther than the normal scale sometimes, which in fact I have been doing most of the time. Thinking as hard as I can, and then looking at the truth, with those simple thoughts and feelings out there, did leave some lasting scars. At first, they hurt quite much, yet as time passed, I grow used to them as if I could create the situation for them to appear. To test how far I can endure.

Well, I have been growing up by seeing things in the way people around would normally avoid. Besides many of those beautiful things out there, I sometimes tend to look at the dark side of any fact and try to deduce some goodness to spare. Despite being not so fun, it’s enough to make use of reality.

Hopefully, I wish the day of my unrestraint argument never comes to anyone.


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