Stay still

During busy periods, I often have trouble with daily eating. To put it clearly, it is the problem with focusing on the fact that I was there to eat. My brain tends to function on something else too much to even consider that I need to consume a proper meal to survive a battle.

While Mom and the other in the family find that eating is something to achieve so easily as a given from nature, ironically, I do have to make a strategy to ensure that I would be able to eat normally when any hard time comes. I know very well that chaos will happen inside my head during those times, so the best I can do is to think of a plan and create situations in which I can see all lunches and dinners as crucial tasks to complete the mission. Well, it sounds quite funny when I have to try so hard on such a trivial matter to many people, but it can’t be helped at all.

At least, I have come up with a way to stay still and fight for the balance. It comes from what a vegetarian does: first things first, focus on vegetables of all kinds I can see. Although the hardships of eating have never stopped, only inside some struggles that I am able to encounter different meanings of the word ‘eat’. And more importantly, how to eat.

It’s not like that I have to plan for myself a vegetarian diet. In order to stay still, I realize that I can use the way a vegetarian thinks to face my own trouble. Fortunately, I always admire the way people could make a sumptuous meal from only vegetables and plants while maintaining the best nutrition diet. Moreover, the green color has an effective treatment to help me focus back on the meal; only before the nature of vegetables that I would be able to think less and appease my mind. Unlike meat or other food, I never have to worry about anything as long as it is vegetables. Therefore, the leading step in the strategy is to fill my body with a sufficient amount of green energy.

I am currently writing about my eating as if it is some kind of battle, and obviously, that’s the truth. You won’t ever imagine how hard it is for my family members to deal with me during those meals. I don’t want to ruin the mood, but looking at my dark face would scare a person away, so I have tried my best to engage in the atmosphere as long as possible. Usually, by the time I realize it, I have finished nearly all the vegetables on the plates, and on my way to consume the other parts of the meal constantly, so that sure is a suitable method to eat for me.

Once again, it’s all thanks to the fact of thinking nothing. Talking or eating, it’s best to know nothing and just enjoy.


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