Nature’s emotions

This time of the year has come, when Winter stops a bit to take a rest from those restless days of carrying the cold. During one working night last week, I realized the strange feeling as if something essential had left. A day later, there was no sign of the chill that people kept talking about all the time. The gray color of the sky or the water evaporation from the breathing was nowhere to be seen. Had Spring come already?

No. It was just the fact that, Winter was sleeping. And moreover, changing its period. That’s what I would like to call the harmony of nature’s emotions. Even nature has its own state of behaviors, and by the time I noticed it, my thoughts began to adapt itself. There is some specialty that only the cold could bring to me, and when it takes a rest, so do I.

Right now, the Sun has made its appearance more clearly and brightly. This week is supposed to be a nice week for people to go out more, and enjoy the break that Winter allows. In my candid opinion, though it’s better to wear fewer clothes at present, I hardly felt any more comfortable than I did in the midst of the harsh cold at the end of last year and the beginning of this year.

Truthfully, harmony exists everywhere, and to me, it is the clearest when it comes to natural weather. To work my best in busy periods, I need the cold to calm my head and freeze my hands, so that I would not have to worry about my body movement. At the beginning, it may seem hard, but gradually, when my body begins to absorb enough energy to get along with the cold, I could feel the warmth in the atmosphere of Winter. I could feel both the cold and the heat inside my mind and my heart, and so I enjoy the night of working with more focus than ever.

Winter could be severe, but enjoyable at the same time. For some reason, I find a better possibility to create harmony during a cold day than a normal day like this. The tiredness may come in some odd ways that I never expect, and the emotions change easily without a “cold security”. Staying late for work would bring some consequences that I may have a hard time to handle.

However, it should not be so long. This week is supposed to be the last before Winter comes back. Another period of cold winds has been anticipated lately, and if we act carelessly, the sudden change in temperature will bring great damage. Fairly enough, this is also a part of nature’s harmony.

There is one last thing before ending today: I’m saying this out of the boredom for being stuck in thoughts for some time before I realized that Winter may be the cause. Writing alone in a cold room must have suited me more than anything.


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