The Triumphant Team

In the midst of troubles and pressure, we tend to think nothing and focus on the point. To seek for what we desire, and to pay all the prices to earn it with our best. Times for depression and frustration are still there, but we have been so used to them by now. Now is only the time to move forward, and take what is ours. We have made it here, and we will make it farther. As long as the fire is still there, hope will never stop to shine.

And in the end, everything turned out so wonderfully. Everyone burst out their tears, after numerous months and years of waiting, incredibly far from the point of being patient. It was irregular persistence and tenacity. The striking through each chance to another, and making it halfway, then failing, then beginning again, has been such a natural circle. Till the point of not knowing how to give up any more, we have been able to gain this today.

There is no God who was smiling at us or no luck that could shine through all the way. We simply did it by our own abilities, despite some strong beliefs out there saying that we could hardly stand any possibility of winning. But just see it, and look at it, we have made it this far, so in fact, we were already so fearless at the time. And when it comes to the experiences of fighting fierce battles and rising from the downcast layers, Vietnam is the best to me. We lost, we failed, but we believed we would make it, in the end.

That was how it was, and how this afternoon turned out like all the landscape becoming heavenly at the final moment. All of it, all of the reality became so bright and appealing to the point that no one even cared about what he was feeling right then anymore. Before them, there were all the tears of happiness that time had granted them all. The tears that we deserved to set and hold on. There was not any better chance or had it been so long, for a moment to break through the stadium and cityscape like an explosion of dreams. The team was outside the country, but as if all the souls from here had been connected from the beginning. This reality should not be described by usual texts, while down to the truth that time finally let us see what we wanted and always wished for.

We never give up, just that is enough. Everything seems impossible until it’s done. To some extent, life is full of dismay and unexpected things, but overall, fair. It was fair so that only the ones who fought and moved forward until the very end could take the prize. The special thing about life is that we are born to feel down and learn from that to smile with happiness. We are living to know what we are living for, and at the end of everything, we realize something so simply beautiful.

That is: just live, and feel happy for the life granted to you. Whether how many times you are beaten up, or taken away from hopes, you must persevere. There is no choice but to stay still. You know why, the moment you stop is the moment of letting everything turn into dust. For what has been started by you with grace, you have to watch over it, and protect it, and maintain it, and continue to grow it with grace too, until the very end.

Just focus ahead, even if there is no one else who could expect something better from you. Looking at you strike forward while gaining nothing, is simply the meaningless action they had spent, and they just killed their time for nothing. You just focused on your goal, and no matter how you failed, you would still stand up. That’s just the ending becoming a new start for the game of life. You put your heart into it, so the life will nurture your soul, and pay back the reward.

Now you see, just never stop. No matter how hard it is, as long it is still a problem, then there would be a solution to it. Don’t care about time since it has been bothering us for so long, and preventing us from living a full life. To the life that we deserve, we mustn’t stop. We need to keep going and keep going. There are things called “blowing up points”, at which all the singularities are resolved into smooth lines, leading us to the ultimate victory. That’s the result of refusing to stop while forgetting the passing time.

Remarkably, that’s the marvelous story of an underdog who has beaten its higher class. The AFC Championship may have been shining and shaking at the same time since there is nothing left to guess, but only the heat to enjoy the final match approaching. Vietnam football team surely have lost numerous times against other Asian teams until now, but we never stop. Not even once. One win or one score is enough to make us continue, and we will do that more, and more. The fact that no one could stop us from continuing, is exactly the reason we won.

Though this victory is sacred, you could say it was created from nothing. Nothingness. We have seen so many dramatic occurrences up to now, so a match against such an upper-class team like today might as well end up similar to what had happened in the past. But you know, nothingness showed us nothing, while at the same time, prepared for us something that we could see nothing only from looking with eyes. Hence, we just believed constantly in ourselves: that’s the point. Under the cover of nothingness, a miracle had been being created and ready for a magnificent response.

Yes, I have never been so proud like this. All hail Vietnam!

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