A true warrior

Whether he would get the nomination to be one of the Elite Ten or not, it doesn’t matter. In this academy, he only wants to clash dishes with as many ones as possible. No matter who they might be, even the Central to which the Elite Ten belongs.

Since the first day that he set foot in this area as the only exchange student, he has declared straightly before all the faces at the beginning ceremony that training here is just a step in his own journey to being the top chef. To everyone present that day, it was no more than a declaration of war. As a given, he became hated by many for such a selfish reason right after his first speech.

It’s just, at that moment, no one could know what his true intention was, and a seemingly blunt person like that to exist in this prestigious academy was totally unforgiven. Yes, nobody could ever imagine the truth until later. An incredible truth lying in a first-year brat would blow even the toughest mind.

That is, he just does what he said. Fear of losing, or giving up never occurs to him. It’s true that he is an eccentric boy, who lacks one of the most common senses in life: the ability to quit and settle.

He just keeps moving forward from one to another step, in every cooking class, to seek for the chance to present what he has been learning through all those years of standing along and clashing dishes with his father, in the modest family restaurant. Strange and novel ideas never cease to appear in this boy’s head. For whatever appearing before his eyes, he would grab them all and try his best, even when he has to be in a cooking battle, namely Shokugeki, the sacred tradition of the academy, and before stands an upper-class opponent.

At present, he is a member of the Rebel Force, consisting of only 8 people, to fight against the Elite Ten, and anyone who loses will be expelled immediately. To him, his family restaurant will be closed forever, the dorm where he is staying with his precious friends will be shut down forever, and Central will everything related to cuisine if his team fails to win. All the events that lead to this grand battle can comprise a long story, while the space for telling the full story here is simply not enough. However, there is only one fact that is crucial to know about this boy right now.

He is a person who can toss away, without notice, the definition of dominant.

His father once said to himself, during a match with his only son, that unique feature is what makes the boy’s true strength. The strength to remain calm and enjoy the very pressing situation of any cooking battle, even when going against a higher-class opponent with a ruling authority. Even before an influential one who is believed to win over an ordinary student like him as a given, there is no sign of losing spirit in the boy. The scary fact about him is that he never has to try anything to keep his motivation up.

He just feels that way, naturally. He just stands before an Elite Ten, focuses his best, and smiles when his dish is done for the judge to be served. Nobody has known the truth until now, for why a first-year brat keeps winning the Shokugeki again and again. Why can he still stand despite heavy pressure coming nonstop, and despite so many troubles the higher-ups have been causing?

The answer, amazingly, turns out to be so simple. That’s the way he is, knowing nothing of such thing like giving up. The boy was born with no talent in cooking, but the endless competing and absorbing from his father, and from every single one he has clashed with, makes his way here.

Now, at this very moment, before the formidable Elite Ten, he has got the most amazing support ever. The countless blades he can use now, come from all the experiences he has been able to taste in each Shokugeki until this present. You know, the enemy standing before him, although coming from the Elite Ten, has only one blade, so can you guess the obvious result?

“The efforts of everyone at Tootsuki have got my back. I know it.”

Delicately, he utters his appreciation to all the students around the arena. Yes, they are the ones who have seen him since the first day he stepped on the stage and gave his daring speech. The ones who used to hold resentment against him, are likely here now. To acknowledge his moment of victory.

Quietly, the young chef turns to the student body, and introduces himself again, sincerely.


Yukihira Souma's the name


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