A wavelike emotion

Today is the day when our Vietnam U23 football team comes back from the Asian championship held in China. Today is also the day when Winter returns, after two weeks of strange temperatures. Hope that the cold of our homeland and the heat of our people could warm the freezing heart of the team since yesterday.

I can easily imagine how dominant the wave of emotions was throughout our country. Most people could not remain calm and only wished to see the faces of the young talents coming home. We have been so proud, to the point that for a moment, the team members seemed to be everything in the minds of many ones. Even now, those conversations about the final match yesterday haven’t shown any sign of cooling at all.

It’s not like that I didn’t feel any heated emotions. In fact, that was the opposite, but I have already swallowed all of them into the depth of my heart silently. Also, it would be a lie if I said that this loss to Uzbekistan in U23 Asian Cup final only meant depression and sadness. I have thought and cleared my head quite well since last night, and today has come back to normal. Winter comes again, the team comes home, and I come out for a haircut – that’s perfect.

No, wait, the last thing did happen, but the barbershop was closed today, so I had to walk home with a bare hand, yet a full head of hair. How pathetic for me, after so many days waiting for a chance to get my hair cut.

Ahem, whatever, I didn’t wait that hard, so it’s fine. Let’s go outside and cut the hair tomorrow! If not, then the day after tomorrow!!

It seems that I am writing some nonsense above. Yeah, I can acknowledge that clearly, but there is no plan to delete them at all. Simply, I just let the undulation of my feelings happen naturally, and write whatever comes out from my thoughts first. Sometimes, it would help to release some stress and train for some fun.

Anyway, it has been a relief to me when looking again at our team’s result. We are proving to be stronger and stronger, but it still needs more time and effort to obtain the grand cup. As a respected professor at my university has said, “coming second is a better scenario for our team.” Vietnam is growing up in football, but this is still not the right time to reach the top, since there are so many more things to learn in the future, to get acknowledged better by the world’s professionals.

As a result, the local area where I live has remained somewhat peaceful since last night. The rain from yesterday did stop for a while, but now it is pouring again. This afternoon, I went outside for a bit (for the haircut, yeah) and felt the familiar inkling.

“Just do it again, right?” – I thought to myself, smiling.




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