Apocrypha dream

Walking alone in the dark, for how long she could never tell.

Time seems to flow in a mystic manner, where no one can stay here with her.

Is this really ‘no one’ forever?

No. Yes, no.

Because she has made a promise, with the most special person in her heart.

“No matter how long the time passes, I will eventually meet you again. Surely.” – the lady said to the boy holding her in his arm, at the end of that Great Holy Grail war.

“… Yes, I will be waiting for you.” –  the boy replied, smiling at her, along with the tears streaming down for the first time in his life.

Yes, that must have been the first time ever she could see him cry, and smile like that to her. He had finally been able to smile genuinely, to show her the result of his special ‘training’. 

With that, the sainted lady held her final feeling that could not be spoken out, and disappeared along with her appealing long blonde hair, the most beautiful trace ever.

Right now there is only darkness surrounding her, but in every step she takes, her light radiates peacefully. The faithful girl just moves forward, quietly and gracefully.

Then, naturally, before her eyes, a cavity appears, breaking the endless space. Gradually, and quickly, the inner side of the world she is walking in suddenly opens itself.

A captivating field of flowers blossoms, then she finds herself standing in a miraculous land, like a totally different world bounded by the rules of Earth. In the middle of all, standing grandiosely an imposing creature, a legendary being.

A Black Dragon, holding the gem of the Holy Grail.

Yes, she knows. They both wished for the same thing, and now is finally the time.

“There he is.”

Jeanne extends her hand, touching lightly the precious stone.

“Please, wake up.”

The gem seems to have its own consciousness, reacting naturally to her voice. After a moment, maybe long or maybe short, or just over an instant, a brilliant light expands and covers the body of the dragon god.

It is just like a dream, and she can witness it come true right before her eyes. No matter how long it may take, she will always …

And he will always …

Come together. The boy silently appears out of the miracle, while holding her hand.

“You sure have had a long journey to come here.” – the boy said. As honestly as ever.

“Not so long as yours.” – the girl replied. Her voice seems to dance.

Sieg turns his head to look ahead, and then looks into Jeanne’s eyes.

“Let’s go.”


“Because right now there is nothing that we need to wait for anymore.”

Seeing Sieg smile, Jeanne happily nods her head.


That’s right, there is still one thing left before they go.

Jeanne takes Sieg’s left hand, where the seal’s trace has not gone completely.

“But first, there is something important that I have to tell you now.”

Sieg is slightly surprised. He looks at her, his hand being carried to her chest.

The delicate lady holds her breath, fondly smiling.

“I have fallen in love with you.”



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