Found the voice

In that dark world, he is walking. Lonely. Or it seems so.

He seems to forget even his own feeling at the moment and continues his search.

He is looking for a cavity, where light can be seen through in the darkness. With that, he may find an answer for himself. About what he is searching for.

There have been countless times until now, but the result has never come out peacefully. Everything just kept ending with a vague fear and running from his own mind. No voice could be heard; only the silence stared at the lost boy.

Or it seems so …

He has been asking a question to himself from time to time, seeking an answer to what he has always tried to do for his own belief, for his own ideal. Does that sound too tiring to be spoken out? Would he find anyone out there that could sympathize with his story?

It is surely a long story, about an incredible journey of listening and giving in silence. All the things he has been doing until now are devoted to the final goal of finding the voice, hidden somewhere that he must hear at all costs. It would contain an insight that helps him enlighten all the darkness surrounding at present.

In the end, life could never be a puzzle. Everything, despite being in a long chain of coincidences, happens for a specific reason. However, what he desires is not to know all of those reasons and objectives, but instead, to understand the meaning of a mystic ideal.

To what extent could you believe in the ones you chose in your life?

Do you just choose them based on circumstances, or based on your beliefs, or based on your craving hearts of sharing? Would you want to be like a chameleon and be able to turn your mind adaptable as soon as the nature of those changes?

Can you distinguish the words ‘constant‘ and ‘stable‘ besides their obvious meanings in the literature? In the long run, the longest run as one could make, what would be the things that remain called?

Or what could he see at the end of this darkness? Is there any hope to just keep moving forward, instead of abandoning it and freeing himself to live another life?

What does his ideal truly deserve?

He will never know unless he shares his story.


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