The night patrol

Well, that’s not exactly the work of a security or anything, but sometimes I tend to think of it as some sort of a random scout.

Sunday, which I usually prefer to call “a lazy day”, quite fits this description. During these last two years, it has often been the day when my thoughts could both focus on the main job as well as expand itself to the outside world rather than my own room. Using this chance, I would like to spend most of the day getting a bit far from my place.

In a dream, I really love to assume that I am going out to seek for a mystic creature, which possesses the power to make all the long chain of coincidences in my life reveal their own meanings and connections.

Today, as a given, I have decided to stay outside until the evening. I had a promise to talk with a friend in Japan and think together with him about his own project, which doesn’t relate to my current major in university at all. However, it was a good reason for me to bring my head outside to get some freedom and novelty.

There was a special place which I came across today. It was the cafe library in the dormitory of my university, which most of my friends are staying currently. Strangely enough, due to the upcoming Lunar New Year, it seems that a Sunday was not enough to attract many people there. Hence, I had some peaceful moments sitting and drinking before leaving for my friend’s place near the dorm.

Just like that, I want the imaginary creature next to me to start its own scout. 

Again, I listened to his problem and the work he was digging himself in while trying to deduce the best as I could from what I thought. My tone was light as if I was just breathing after the talk was finished. I didn’t notice that the time for dinner came so early.

We parted ways after the meal, and I headed back to home. That was when the night part of the scout began. Sitting in a favorite corner on the bus, I looked out of the window and saw all the lights on the street turn into a flowing stream. Then I closed my eyes.

The darkness smiled at me. In dreams, that creature was me.

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