Before Spring comes

Even when the cold doesn’t show any sign of decreasing, the atmosphere still moves …

The Lunar New Year is coming, very near. This one-week period is gonna witness, as usual, the radical change inside every apartment and the lively residents. The wave of preparations before the supposedly most important holiday, namely Tet, is always appealing to catch his breath despite how much he has got used to seeing it every year.

Walking briskly in the cold air, the boy headed straight to home on the familiar street. The two sidewalks had already been filled with many new small shops which were established only to serve the Tet and many strange faces that he never tried to remember if there was any same one as in the last year. On the sidewalk where he was present, a large group of officers was waiting for the bus to pick them up home before night. Maybe they all came from the workplace where his father used to enroll in the past before moving. Although the family’s condition had changed a lot compared to those old days, he still missed them from time to time. At least, they reminded a silver memory in which he was in an innocent age that never had to experience anything like that peculiar aura he was currently possessing.

Well, that means I’m willing to make this present worth a golden price in the future, is it really so?

Today was his final day in class before students could officially engage themselves in the atmosphere of the upcoming Tet. Most of the people he knew would settle soon to return to hometown, due to the unbalance overwhelming the number of those that were born in the capital, Hanoi. Bearing no ill will, he believed that it would be no exaggeration to say that Hanoi would finally be able to live to its purest once Tet came. The majority who remained there were naturally the ones whose hometown was that central land. It was a rare opportunity for him to meet anyone whose origin belonged to the capital, since only until his generation did the great family start living as Hanoians.

He reminded himself a bit of the conversation just two hours before with his tutor, whose origin belonged to Hue, the old capital of the nation. Drinking the hot tea, and enjoying the lotus soup from the vitreous bowl, he could feel the warmth of New Year, of Spring present inside his body. Maybe it was finally time for him to spend more time with others directly, at least hearing their voices would be fine.

Though I don’t know whether I will get any good chance in the near future. Despite which outcome may happen, someone will have to leave and say goodbye soon.

Yes, it was only a matter of time until each individual departed for his or her own way. There were only a few months left until he graduated, and he only wished to conclude the things dear to him without being bewildered at the final moment.

Before Spring comes, he must enjoy every single moment of this one-of-a-kind Winter, with those he treasures by all his heart.

Before Spring comes, he has to materialize his ideal goal in the most solid way, so that every dream from now on will be able to blossom itself stronger.

Before Spring comes, he wants to confess his true thought, and fulfill his promise.

Before Spring comes, he wishes to let someone know why he was there for “cher”.

In the end, this Tet holiday would be peculiarly cozy.


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