A natural expression

It is quite often for me to be told that I need to simplify the words I’ve been saying. Most of the time, I believe that is due to my nature leading to the cause of it, but on a peculiar side, I know that those words could mean some intention which I try to hide.

Under the worst case scenario, I could not find any way to say or write simply as it sounds. That is when I have to shuffle off the responsibility of keeping a constant and unparted opinion. In a conversation like that, it’s hard for me to find a reason to justify the things I really mean. I let the fact and my imagination mix together so much that I end up confusing the others.

Under a better case, I would love to keep the mystery innocent. In other words, I’ve been trying to write for the freedom of mystery, which never stops inspiring me every day. It’s normal for me to be considered eccentric, but I love what I do. There are times when I could not get the result I need because of the troubles caused by my roundabout words, but I have faith that one day I will make things appear beautifully while being covered by a riddle that people would feel like reading to get a mutual understanding. Be it as it may, I love telling stories and solving puzzles at the same time.

Finally, under the most natural scenario, I have to admit that I often let my soul stay somewhere not on this earth usually. It sounds funny, but I do let it fly and enjoy the most of time thinking about all kinds of abstract things, so in the end, I came to a realization that speaking them out or writing them down is troublesome. Most of my energy is based on the material called ‘intuition‘, so I’m sure that it makes sense why I simply cannot stop creating a long chain of possibilities whenever I expose things. It would be nice if that means “flexible” to adapt to many situations, but roughly speaking, I have made a lot of mistakes and misunderstandings due to this careless flexibility ^_^

It has been so long since the first day I wrote about my musings here, and now I can see the WordPress community is surely the best.

Thank you, everyone!

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