Everything is a Story

That day when Winter came,


A dream began

Storm raging in his mind

The words never out

But the swords came down.


The symbols, the forms 

The figures, and the seals

All gathered in his hand

Marching on the war.


He fought like a Saber

Jumping like an Archer

Spearing like a Lancer

Holding like a Rider.


No more a Stranger

He already knew

The truth behind

That work of Caster.


Unrestrained feelings

Burned out everywhere

He let himself

Free like Berserker.


There were Assassins

Lurking from behind

Yet he still smiled

“I can sense you.”


Till the war’s end

Never a stop

He kept marching

Engraving the words.


“Dear milady,

Victory is a must

But your heart 

Much more precious.


I know, I know well

We will meet again

Under a blue sky

Not this heaven’s feel.”


Is the battle

Or the dream?

Which would stop first

He hardly cared.


At that moment

That very moment

With death arising

She appeared.


The Ruler in his war

A beautiful Jeanne

Wearing a heaven’s smile

Shining his life.


Space moving again

Time marching on

Winter snowing

One last time.


Is a dream this brilliant?

No one knows

Only they do

The everlasting couple.


Her Standard floating

In the wind

Alongside it

Standing his Sword.


Under the realm

Beyond the ruins

They walk together

Hand in hand.


The war might end

Yet the story



I have never learned how to write a poem before, but my mind, from time to time, would insist on trying for once. So today, I come up with an idea of writing out something whose appearance looks like a poem. While incapable of writing a true one, I would love to let my thoughts flow on during this stream of simple words.

Thank you for reading!



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